What world stars play in a casino?

Many people treat gambling establishments, and even gambling in general, not seriously.

Some even think that they were invented by fraudsters to deceive honest people, but this is not true. At their own request, everyone plays and this is a common entertainment that helps to get a drive and a storm of emotions.

Even the stars play in the casino and there are quite a few cases when they managed to win serious money. Of course, popular actors or athletes are financially independent, but today the game does not require an impressive deposit, you can sit down at the roulette table or poker, having even a few hundred rubles.

What world stars play in a casino?

Stars in the casino

Among all the famous people, Ben Affleck "lit up" the most in the gaming industry. A successful actor showed his talents not only on stage, but also in poker.

Ben quite often visits casinos, and in 2001 the newspapers were full of news - Afflek managed to win $ 800,000 in blackjack. In addition to the impressive winnings, people were surprised by the size of the tip of the dealer, who received 150 thousand from Ben.

The next big win was Affleck after winning the poker championship. He had to beat the 90 strongest opponents to win $ 356,000. By the way, poker is one of the most popular games among the stars. Unlike other games, it all depends not only on luck, you need to “wiggle” your brains well (Where to learn poker?).

In addition to Ben Affleck, other world stars often have fun in the field of gambling.

Among the most popular:

  • Tobey Maguire;
  • Matt Damon;
  • Paris Hilton;
  • Jennifer Tilly;
  • Charles Barkley;
  • Gladys Knight;
  • Brad Pitt;
  • George Clooney;
  • Hugh Hefner.

You probably know their names. Even if not all of them won huge sums of money, and sometimes even “poured” serious sums, they all cannot live without gambling.

What world stars play in a casino?

Gambling should be treated correctly , because this is great entertainment, but the most important thing is not to let emotions take over.

If you decide to play poker, roulette or use slot machines, choose only the best online casinos.

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