What with comments on YouTube, they do not work?

What kind of problems do Internet users face? Even such a simple action as the publication of a comment can be accompanied by difficulties.

Recently, many have been asking, “Why can't I leave a comment on YouTube?”, So we decided to talk about the causes and solutions to this problem.

How to leave a comment on YouTube? To leave comments under the videos, you need to log in to the most popular video hosting.

But it also happens that it is impossible to leave records even after entering the profile. This may be due to different reasons, so you have to figure out what does not work.

What with comments on YouTube, they do not work?

Each site is being upgraded, although outwardly it is not noticeable. YouTube video hosting is not an exception, and changes in it occur quite often.

Developers try to immediately optimize everything for Google Chrome (their own browser) and only then check how everything works in other platforms.

Most often, Mozilla users encounter problems when commenting on YouTube videos. If you can’t leave a recording under the video, just try using a different browser.

If you have to leave comments often and don’t want to switch to another browser, then open the tools, go to settings, then choose privacy and allow cookies from third-party sites :

What with comments on YouTube, they do not work?

Additional lines appear only after you select the use of your settings in the first field. Opposite to "Accept cookies from supporters of sites" it is necessary to put "Always".

Some users encounter a problem when no one sees their comments. In this case, you can leave a note under someone's comment or wait until YouTube solves the problem (how to write to the YouTube caliper).

If you happen to encounter such a problem, first just try cleaning the cookies (what it is and how to clean them).

At least one of the solutions should suit you, and if nothing works, contact technical support or just wait for the developers to fix everything, unfortunately, many people cannot comment on the video on YouTube.

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