What will happen to blogs in the future? Will article writers die?

Everything changes over time, and what was fashionable yesterday will become ridiculous after a couple of years.

There are people who relate similar examples to modern technologies, although not all "die." Excellent proof of this are sites, some of which have been around for 20 years and continue to evolve.

What will happen to blogs in the future? This question interests many users.

Now a huge number of content sites are being opened, although some consider this to be not a promising business. They refer to the emergence of new, more modern technologies that can replace such resources.

What will happen to blogs in the future? Will article writers die?

Will article writers die?

To answer this question, you need to ask another one - why do they need them? As long as there is a demand for something, it definitely will not disappear, besides, it is problematic to come up with an alternative to sites with articles.

There is not a single thought in my head about this, unless some kind of common knowledge base is invented, which also disappears, because author blogs only read because they feel sympathy for their owners.

Studying the opinion of one of the professionals, I noticed one interesting thought. The man claimed that as long as the financial situation did not improve in our country, the article writers would live.

Supposedly, people are looking for information only because they have no money (different instructions, recipes, and so on). But what about news sites or blogs, where moms share tips, blogs, musicians and motorists? They come not because there is no money.

It is safe to say that blogs will exist for a long time, and I hope that my work will not go down the drain. At least, for now, there are no prerequisites for this, on the contrary, more and more people use the Internet, and they all need some information.

What will happen to blogs in the future? Will article writers die?

Now is the time to create a website

If you do not have your own website, then now is the best time to create it. Perhaps some services will gradually lose relevance, but the article writers will continue to live.

Like ordinary books, they will be useful even to those people who will call on them in 50 years (of course, some information will lose relevance, but not all).

Today, even a beginner can create a blog, you do not need to be a programmer. However, do not think that it is quite simple.

Something that will still have to be sorted out, and also great efforts will have to be made, to fill the site and make it popular . Personally, it took me more than one year to achieve attendance of several thousand per day.

Blogs have one positive side. Such sites are easier to promote, as they are filled with textual content.

Another plus is the ability to express your thoughts and share anything with readers. Create thematic blogs on an interesting topic for you and turn them into a source of profit.

Treat the project as a hobby. Finding time on it and investing power is hard, so only if you turn the site into a hobby, everything will turn out.

Let someone think that the blogosphere will soon "come to rest", you will be smarter. Create sites in any quantity , but remember that each one requires attention. Only if you are confident and willing to make the effort, become a blogger.

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