What video to shoot to get a lot of views?

In order to make money on the Internet, many users launch channels on YouTube.

The idea is good, only without high-quality videos and competent promotion, you will never be able to earn big money. Content plays a key role, and by publishing everything, you risk that your videos will be lost in millions of similar videos.

Which videos collect a lot of views on YouTube? According to statistics, the first places in the number of views are occupied by popular clips.

None of the entertainment videos received the same number of views as the videos of stars. Although there are plenty of examples when you accidentally managed to conquer the hearts of millions.

What video to shoot to get a lot of views?

Each video blogger wonders which videos gain a lot of views. If you start from different tops, you can draw some conclusions.

We have already told how to become a YouTube star, wait for luck if you can for years, you need to act. Most of the hits on YouTube collected clip PSY GANGNAM STYLE. Now the counter shows 2,606,752,443 views:

Naturally, the popularity of the singer and his songs played a big role. So far, none of the authors of entertainment videos has come close to PSY, but there are many examples when people uploaded simple videos and received huge money from them.

For example, 841 151 195 views gathered a video about two brothers:

There is nothing in this video that would help it unwind. Just an interesting, funny content that a lot of people liked.

Even if we imagine that for 1000 views the author received for a dollar, the total profit from one video is $ 841,151. Huge money that literally fell on his head.

The best themes for watched videos

In addition to entertainment and music videos, you can achieve popularity with other content. It is advisable to learn how to promote videos, this will help tips on promoting on YouTube.

Having collected some statistics on the Internet, we managed to find out several directions, which help to collect a lot of views:

  1. News - as soon as an event rattles on country or even the whole world, videos associated with it are beginning to become popular. There is no need to go far for examples, go to the list of popular videos, you will find a bunch of such videos there.
  2. Celebrities - everything connected with famous people attracts attention. Some video bloggers deliberately use someone else's fame, add videos, revealing secrets, delving into dirty laundry or collecting dirt.
  3. Children - were, are and will be the most interesting characters in videos. Remember how many videos you saw with children, the same anecdote about a cook or a girl with a surprised face, about which millions of memes were created.
  4. Shows - many video bloggers run their own show. Topics are selected a variety of, with reviews of other people's videos to the assessment of home delivery. Come up with something interesting or make a show for your city.
  5. Social projects - people also like them, because they have one zest called justice. Now they are being launched more and more often, they allegedly have a deep meaning and open their eyes to obvious problems.

To add a video that has all the chances to occupy the TOP places by the number of views, you need not only to come up with fresh ideas, but also to analyze, due to which other authors managed to achieve fame .

What video to shoot to get a lot of views?

Bloggers on YouTube have very different incomes, because they make different efforts. Some do not even try to learn how to record quality videos, they do not rely on statistics and do not study the success of other authors.

Do not replenish the ranks of losers, try to upload only those videos that have the potential to become popular.

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