What topic to shoot for YouTube video

When recording videos for your channel on YouTube, I want to choose the most interesting ideas so that they collect the maximum views.

It’s not worth hoping for success and recording videos, professionals check statistics and use other tricky ways, to search for the most popular topics.

How to find good topics for videos? There are several ways to collect a list of topics for video under your own channel.

Be sure to read which videos to shoot for YouTube, where we talked about several formats. Perhaps this will help you find unusual ideas or at least diversify the content.

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

Topics for video on YouTube

To avoid having to search for what topic to shoot a video, use the channels of competitors or statistics that represent the most popular queries . Here are some ways to get ideas:

1. Popular themes from competitors. The most effective way to find out what people like to watch more is to watch Top commercials on competitors' channels.

To do this, enter a thematic query in YouTube search and open some of the most popular channels, then go to the list of their videos and select the filter " Most popular ":

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

You will see videos that collected the maximum number of views. You can record themes for videos on YouTube and feel free to record your own versions:

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

Just don’t use any single channel, choose at least 10 competitors and make sure they have enough subscribers . Pay attention to the number of views, it should be a few hundred thousand.

2. Query statistics in Yandex. Webmasters use this method to find topics for new posts. Yandex has a special service, where statistics are kept, how many times people have entered certain words for the last month:

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

Words that are similar in subject are also provided here. The base is huge, you can spend a couple of hours, write out as many phrases as possible so you don’t have to do it again:

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

You can try using less popular queries, it’s easier to go to TOP.

In Yandex, video clips from YouTube are often in the first place, your video may also be there, just do not forget to specify the requests in the title and preferably, add them in a small text of the description.

3. Trends from Google. Another option to find out what people are looking for on the Internet right now is to use the service.

Statistics are collected in real time and if you have a versatile channel, then you no longer have to think exactly which topic you can shoot the video for. The main page presents the most popular trends:

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

On Youtube, it is often possible to fly up into the TOP, due to actual topics, you should try to use it. Also, there is a form to enter a request to get a list of trends of a particular subject. For example, we hit the word "Construction" and received trend requests:

What topic to shoot for YouTube video

This is what interests most of the target audience on this topic right now. Google has other useful tools for collecting themes for videos, we told about this in the article “Watch for updates on the network with Google Alerts”.

You can follow the statistics on any site. Find a thematic resource and see where people leave more comments or check lists of popular posts. It also helps to find ideas.

Filling a YouTube channel takes a lot of time, but unless you try to find interesting topics, videos are unlikely to ever become popular and promote your name. Use all these methods, and earnings on affiliate programs through YouTube will bring tangible income.

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