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Here you have, for example, an online store selling rubber boots. This year what fashion color? If I'm not mistaken, yellow and green. And on your request, “high-heeled rubber boots” in the first place on Google is a page with purple boots that were fashionable in the past millennium. No one will buy them, and you don’t want to lose the top search. There is a reasonable question: what

And what to do, I will tell after the commercial break 🙂, more precisely, thanks for the announcement of my earnings on the Internet, which is sent to Vladimir today.

And you need to do this (tips from known to you by Ann Smarty):

1. Put the 301st redirect to the updated version product . For example, if the same product model has several versions, say, 2006 and 2008, then such a redirect will be very helpful. Otherwise, you risk sending a visitor along the wrong path and, accordingly, upset it. You shouldn’t do it. Also, this method can cause problems if your shop has many dynamic elements.

2. Leave the page as it is and add a list of similar products . The list should be visible. You can also put useful materials like various manuals and manuals here. Of course, in this case you will have to make some changes to the page: remove the "Buy" button, remove advertising text, etc. - you must clearly let the visitor know that there is no product in stock at the moment. This option is simpler than 1 th, but the surfer will have to click twice, which slightly reduces conversion rates.

3. Place the new content on the old URL, and transfer the old content to the new page . Again, this option fits only for very similar products and depends on what the page address looks like (for example, the product 2008 on url / product-2006 is better not to put).


Today, I received a lot of questions from a colleague at the translation department regarding how much and for how long make money in freelance, and what is better: work as a freelance translator or better to go to an online business (and aim at the burzhunet). I started to answer, but my computer reloaded and the ICQ address went into nothingness, so I answer here (in some places the answers will be purely translation, but in general the profession does not matter).

While working as a freelancer, you can definitely make good money (with 1800 characters for pricing with spaces from $ 4- $ 10 to the bureau and $ 6- $ 20 from direct customers, you can not even contact publishers, usually there is very little) but a freelancer always has a glass ceiling - he simply cannot spend more time and take on more projects than he can physically. There are only 24 hours in a day and 6-8 of them need to be spent on sleep. Consequently, more than $ 3000- $ 5000 per month for a translator (this is on condition that the translator is so good that a line of customers lined up for him) is almost impossible to earn. In most cases, the translator’s earnings are $ 1000- $ 1500.

On the other hand, nobody can limit earnings on the Internet. You can always hire other people, you can create a bunch of new projects that will bring a certain denyuzhku with minimal financial and time s investments, you can do a lot of other things ... Therefore, choosing between freelancing and your own projects, I At one time, he preferred the latter, and in every way he was pleased.

As for how long you can reach the $ 1000 mark, it all depends on your willingness and hard work. It took me about 5 months, but I didn’t put a penny in the promotion (largely because when I started, I didn’t have these kopecks), someone could be enough for a month. As for freelancing, the $ 1000 mark can probably be conquered in the first month, but, again, you should not forget that above this amount (or any limit amount depending on the type of work) you will not be able to jump much.

As for whether I have any success in the Marathon field, and what, then here I am like a shoemaker without shoes. There is knowledge, there are ideas, there is no time (finance) yet. I wrote more about this in the Interview with Dmitry Naumov.

I hope I answered. If you have more questions, write.

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