What to do if the site is attacked by spammers? site spam

In the field of optimization, there are many subtleties that need to be considered in order not to lose the authority gained by the site.

Each specialist will say that the resource must be accompanied and spend as much time as possible on moderation, especially if visitors are given the opportunity to leave a variety of information.

The main reason for timely moderation is the removal of spam and unnecessary links from the site. Even Matt Cutts (Google representative) said that the comments may not be literate and not high-quality text, most importantly, that there was no spam. And if you do not check the comments for a long time, serious problems can appear.

What to do if the site is attacked by spammers? site spam

Spam on the site

What should I do if the site is attacked by spammers? The best option is to do manual moderation. Of course, it takes a lot of time, and if you have other functions to add information for visitors on the site, apart from the comments, then it will be hard to handle this in general.

The best option is to manually delete all links, but this is not the only option. For example, you can generally remove pages that have a high concentration of spam. But there will be 404 error? Do not worry, the refusal of the spammed pages is regarded by search engines as one of the positive moments.

If you have enough time, then you can manually fix all the links and replace them with your . You can refer to the internal pages of the site or to services that are of immense popularity and have real benefits for your readers. Do not forget that a lot depends on the quality of the site to which you refer.

What to do if the site is attacked by spammers? site spam

When the site is actively attacked by spammers and you simply do not have time to moderate it and process all the information, declare it to the search engines. For a large amount of spam, a resource can even go under the filters, and if you turn to search engines on time and declare that you are a victim of spammers, you can be helped to solve this problem.

If you use this option, then be ready to prove your innocence and provide proof that you tried to solve this difficulty yourself.

Do not wait until the search engines detect spammers and cross out their resources from the list; begin to take active steps so that your site does not suffer.

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