What to do if the reputation of the site falls, the authority of the site

Site owners, like businessmen accompanying their own business, face a number of similar problems. The reputation of the site is crucial, just like the reputation of any company, so one of the problems may be the development of negative reputation.

In order for your project to be popular and develop, a good reputation will definitely need to be maintained .

What to do if the reputation of the site falls, the authority of the site

What could cause the site’s reputation to fail?

  • linking to unqualified resources;
  • the consequences of hacking the site;
  • failure to cooperate with some employees (copywriters, optimizers);
  • competition actions;
  • court proceedings;
  • not high-quality information on the site.

If you don’t want to question your site’s reputation, you need to consider each of these points. Some of them are inevitable, such as litigation, so you should be prepared for such phenomena and use them as advertising.

Let them sue you, and you conducted lengthy trials about any actions. Provide your users with information about how the hearings take place, tell about your intentions and not involvement in violation of the law. It is possible that you will be able to convince the target audience that you are right, and they will take your side.

In practice, quite a few of the largest companies suffered because of negative feedback. In some cases, the impact was made by competitors, and they managed to “eliminate” the competitor. Unfortunately, online rumors are spreading very quickly and if several large sites present negative information about your activity, it is likely that it will spread very quickly.

Hundreds of sites that are filled with rewriting will immediately start copying information, regardless of its plausibility and lack of real evidence .

What to do if the reputation of the site falls, the authority of the site

What should I do if the site’s reputation drops? To get started, try to identify the source or cause of negative feedback about your activities. If they really exist, try to eliminate them, if reviews appear from "nowhere", prepare to communicate with users.

In response to negative reviews, disseminate information about erroneous information and actions of competitors who want to lower your reputation. Users who have found time to study negative information are likely to be interested in the data that you submit.

In the process of dealing with negative reviews, do not give up and be active. If you succeed in restoring your reputation, you will not only be able to continue to grow, but you will also receive a huge advertising of your activities through active discussions.

In the case when you really made mistakes, feel free to apologize and ask for forgiveness in public. It is possible that many users will appreciate your sincerity and understand that now you will be more cautious and try to make your site more qualitative.

Finally, I would like to say, restoring reputation, do not even think to deceive users. Sooner or later, your fraud will be revealed and in this case, restoration of reputation will be almost impossible. Say that you will work hard and change some actions? So do, gaining confidence is much more difficult than losing it.

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