What text on the home page do?

The development of each site begins with setting a goal. If your goal is to create a resource for making money, you need to immediately fix it.

The websites you create for the purpose of making money most often fail, so you need to look for another goal. For example, to attract as many people as possible to earn money, travelers, musicians, and so on.

Based on this information, you can create text for the main page. As a rule, it is rather difficult to develop such a text, therefore most webmasters turn to experienced copywriters.

If you want to write your own good text for the root page of your resource, we will help you to do it.

What text on the home page do?

What content should be made on the main page?

There is a huge number of models for which texts are created, in this article we will look at one of the most effective.

You need to start with a greeting and presentation of your resource. The visitor should immediately understand what your site is about.

After that you need to draw the reader's attention to the text. This can be achieved through the use of clinging headlines and special words.

For example, you create a website about internet earnings, then you can start the text of the main page with the words "You are tired of living in poverty", it’s not a bad thing to add to the beginning of the text words like "Free", as practice shows, they also effectively attract attention.

The next step is the development of reader interest. In the process of reading, he should forget about everything that is happening around and fully immerse himself in the study of the material.

To do this, you will need to provide the most useful information for him and, if possible, accompany this data with facts and evidence. If you manage to hook the reader in this step, consider that you already have a regular visitor.

Be sure that the main page text should contain links to the most important articles of your resource. In this case, to go to the study of other information site, do not even need to use the menu, it will be enough to click on the link.

The fewer actions you need to take, the more people you will be able to get to read other articles on your site.

What text on the home page do?

Optimization of the main page

Do not forget about optimization. Homepage of the site should be optimized with high quality . Use keywords, add listings, add titles, set pictures and videos, embed internal links and so on.

You have no idea how to write text for the main page of the site? Refer to the professionals from the exchange


When optimizing a text, it is very important not to forget that first of all it is created for people, so it should be easy to read. Format the material, divide it into paragraphs, add images, subheadings, lists, and more. The main page should look beautiful.

Optimization involves performing a variety of actions. It is important that the resource is displayed qualitatively in any browsers, with any extensions and quickly loaded (how to increase the download speed of the site).

The main page has the most chances to come out on top in the issue of high-frequency queries, consider this.

What do you think, which page of your site will most often be viewed (viewed) by visitors? Of course, this is the main page. Try to make it so that no visitor closes the tab, citing a lack of interest.

What text on the home page do?

Errors when creating text for the main page of the site

Even copywriters sometimes make mistakes, the reasons are different. Without experience and certain knowledge it is almost impossible to write the text of the main page.

In order not to make mistakes, disassemble each of them:

  1. Greetings - it is observed on almost all sites. Welcome or welcome you annoying to many users. Some add greetings to every article, usually this is done to increase the amount of text. There is no significance, delete these words.
  2. Real professionals - in principle, there are no real professionals. If you want to offer something and interest people, you should not talk about qualifications, it is better to refer to the results. If these are your results, then show what you have achieved.
  3. Emotions of the company - often the text on the main page contains phrases like this "We will be happy to help you." The impression after seeing the words is twofold. It is clear that I want to show care and show interest in a quality job, but it is better to remain solid in the eyes of customers.
  4. High quality - the company offers its services, of course they must be of high quality. Do not make people read several times how individual your approach is.It is better to collect other advantages that distinguish you from competitors (request data from customers).
  5. Delete "Can" - as a rule, selling text is placed on the main page, so the word "can" should not be in it (you can buy it today). It gives the right to choose, you can buy, and you can not buy. Write clearly, order now, buy, call the manager.
  6. The only and unique ones - which site don't go in, and there unique goods are offered, they are unique in their niche, and so on. These words turned into a stamp, also annoying many people. Remember, they are not looking for a unique and new, but a quality and profitable offer.
  7. Perespam keys - it can not be allowed, and many of these are neglected. Considering the main page as the main source of traffic, they try to cram 5 direct entries per couple of offers. Forget about this approach, he was left in the distant past, and if you do not know what concentration of keys to put, it is better to turn to professionals.

If you need sample text for the main page, go to Workion. This format does not suit you? Visit several sites of competitors, highlight all the most attractive and based on this, create your ideal page.

What text on the home page do?

Structure of text for the main page

Professionals do not always agree to write text for the main page, as this is a big responsibility. If you make it not competently, the work of optimizers, programmers and other professionals will go down the drain.

To prevent this, use a simple plan:

  1. Effective headline:
  • main advantage;
  • capture the attention of the visitor.
  1. Introduction:
  • the essence of the sentence;
  • who is interested in the proposal;
  • the reason why you need to contact you.
  1. Main part:
  • we invent the text for the target audience;
  • we are of interest to the site, but not to a specific product ;
  • demonstrate customer benefits;
  • provide unique and interesting information;
  • remove standard phrases and hackneyed expressions from the text;
  • set the normal concentration of keywords .
  1. Conclusion:
  • what the client needs to do (call to action);
  • the reason he has to do it ;
  • what will happen if he does not take advantage of the offer.

Remember that when writing text for the main page of the site, it is necessary to include the direct occurrences of keywords, as well as add them to the subtitles (denoted by h1, h2, h3, etc.).

Each site owner needs to understand the promotion. Disassemble other errors in SEO, because a quality homepage is not the only important factor.

Often there are people who are trying to save money and do not even make serious efforts to do the work efficiently.

On the main page, the text should be the best, without errors, illiterate expressions and water. Spend a maximum of time on its development, this moment is important.

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