What tanks earn more at WOT?

The lovers of World Of Tanks are becoming more and more, and with it there are a lot of questions related to this game.

To get the maximum profit from the battles, you need to buy certain tanks. Not everyone realizes this, and some do not even know that revenues depend on technology.

Which tank earns more in WOT? Immediately I would like to say that the owners of premium equipment receive the highest income. Therefore, you have to spend real money to buy the best technology. To save a little, get gold, for changing the password in World Of Tanks.

What tanks earn more at WOT?

Which tanks earn more?

If you decide to beat all competitors and make the most of your favorite game, buy the following types of tanks:

1. Premium Level 8 The undisputed leader in this segment is the Jagdtiger 8. 8 cm and T34. Some spend even more and buy Lowe, but this is not the best option for investing.

After mechanical changes in the game, he became more and more not ricocheting, and his income fell. If earlier, without a premium, he brought up to 80,000, then now you can earn as much as 50,000.

2. Premium level 7. The best tank on the seventh level, this is the SU-122-44. It brings the maximum income in comparison with its counterparts.

The option is suitable for those who do not have enough money for level 8 tanks. Approximate income per battle is up to 35,000 credits. Also, you can purchase the E-25, to play more interesting.

3. Premium Level 6 In order not to spend extra money on E-25, you can buy SU-100U at level 6, they bring almost the same profit.

By purchasing this technique, you get the most powerful damage, piercing the armor of enemies up to level 8. An alternative in this segment is the PZ4 Sh, which is similar to the T34, but brings at times less.

4. Premium Level 5 At this level, over 25,000 are unlikely to be earned, on the other hand, you will spend less money.

Choose one tank between the best Churchill III and T-25 variants. By profit they are almost the same, so choose based on your preferences (you like medium or heavy tanks).

5. Tanks without premium. Not everyone is willing to spend money on the purchase of virtual equipment, but for them there are several options. If you decide to play without a premium, then choose one of the tanks:

  • T34;
  • KV-1;
  • M4 Sherman;
  • T49 ;
  • M4.

If you choose the best of these options, then this is Sherman. First, it brings a little more profit. Secondly, he has a good damage.

What tanks earn more at WOT?

Want to become the best in your favorite game? Then you need not only to learn how to destroy the enemy and capture points.

The economic component also plays an important role, so you need to understand well which tanks bring greater profit and only then spend money.

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