What subjects articles buy more often? increase sales rate

Almost every day at least 10,000 articles appear on the copywriting exchanges, which indicates the huge interest of users to copywriting. Earnings on selling articles are one of the most popular methods of earning on the Internet, which attracts many users, high profits and affordability.

The average cost of selling quality texts is 15-25 rubles. , for every 1000 characters, therefore, the sale of at least one large article, can bring you more than 100 rubles. Can you write 10 articles per day? Then you will receive at least 30,000 rubles a month.

Suppose you spend one hour writing each article, working 5-6 hours and at least 500 rubles in your pocket. The only nuance that you will encounter is waiting until all your articles are purchased. In some cases, the articles "hang" on the stock exchanges for months.

What subjects articles buy more often? increase sales rate

Selection of topics for the quick sale of an article

Of course, you can implement any article, but there are subjects that can be used to increase sales speed:

  1. It is no secret that construction sites are being actively created. Taking into account such high attention to this topic and many already created sites devoted to the construction theme, the materials for such sites are in demand and not small.
  2. In the second place in popularity are medical articles. The demand for them is simply enormous, and if you have at least minimal knowledge of this sphere, then use this advantage.
  3. Automotive sites are being created on a huge scale, which, like others, must be filled with content. Engage in news rewriting, write reviews or make up various tips, all of which are actively bought on exchanges.
  4. Earnings articles are also in certain demand, but when writing them you need to select effective headlines. It is also worth noting that only occasionally buyers show interest in materials describing the simplest methods of earnings, such as earnings on clicks.

There are many other topics, articles from which are actively bought.

What subjects articles buy more often? increase sales rate

Here are the statistics of one of the content exchanges:

  1. Construction and repair.
  2. Automotive
  3. Beauty and health.
  4. Tourism and travel.
  5. Real Estate.
  6. Gifts and holidays.
  7. Interior.
  8. Children.
  9. Finance.
  10. Culinary themes.
  11. Hi-Tech.
  12. Fashion.
  13. Business and money.
  14. Furniture.
  15. Promotion and promotion of sites.
  16. Medical subjects.
  17. Home.
  18. Games.
  19. Internet.
  20. Personal life.

Please note that the building theme also occupies a leading position in this list.

Do not forget that the subject of articles is not the path to success and quick sales. If you optimize your materials, the demand for them will be enormous. And what is needed to optimize materials? Add keywords and do some text formatting.

It is not that difficult, and only fools do not use this opportunity. Now you know what topics the articles buy more often, which means you can take advantage of this and build a successful copywriter career.

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