What should the referrer know about contests on Seosprint?

When the function of launching the referral contest appeared on Seosprint, referrers had a great opportunity to influence the activity of their network of invited participants.

Everyone can run a contest, for example, by identifying the most active task performer and thus get their referrals to work.

What should the referrer know about contests on Seosprint? There are several important points that everyone who decides to launch a contest should know about. If you correctly approach this action, you can hold an event much more efficiently. In addition, it is necessary to properly assess their costs and benefits.

What should the referrer know about contests on Seosprint?

Features of contests for referrals

No matter how experienced an Seosprint user you are, some important points may be new and useful information for you:

  • users of this click sponsor are often interested in why it is impossible to launch a contest for Seosprint. The fact is that if there are less than 2 referrals, this function is not available;
  • when determining the remuneration of contestants, be sure to keep in mind that the system takes 10% of the total budget of the competition;
  • advertising and competitive budget, which appeared along with the function of contests, allows you to spend money not only on prizes, but also to buy referrals, pay fines and pay for any tasks;
  • it is possible that part of the budget after the contest will remain without use, in which case it is charged to your advertising competition c;
  • it is impossible to withdraw money from this account or transfer to the account balance;
  • when launching the competition by the number of referrals involved, only those users who have received the “Work” status are taken into account;
  • when creating a competition, it is proposed to specify a minimum threshold. Here you can specify any value, and depending on the selected conditions, it will impose some restrictions. For example, if you set a minimum threshold of 5 and select the type of competition by the number of tasks completed, then until the referral completes 5 tasks, he does not participate in the competition;
  • even if the referral for some reason switched to another referrer or free, he continues to participate in the competition started;
  • blocked referrals do not participate in competitions. If they took the leading position, then on the machine the prize place is given to another contestant. Check for blocked participants takes place about 20 minutes before the end of the competition;
  • you can create regular drawings to avoid wasting time on the constant creation of new competitions. This is much more convenient and referrals will know for sure that a new event will begin soon;
  • when determining the overall budget of the competition, be sure to consider how much profit you can make. Expenses should pay off;
  • do not miss a single day, constantly create contests so that all your referrals are active;
  • depending on the number of referrals, try to establish enough prizes, because the first lines will be count far from everything.

Should I use contests on Seosprint? Of course, this is a great way to increase the activity of users attracted by you.

In some cases, at the expense of drawing even small cash rewards, it is possible to improve at times the indicators of referral activity and to achieve good deductions from the affiliate program.

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