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How do you feel about perpetual links? ... Someone perceives the topic with a bang, because the eternal links eliminate the headache of constantly buying links, monitoring them for “liveliness”, screening of garbage, etc. Others perceive the topic with suspicion, because webmasters they may stupidly remove links after some time and the optimizer's spent money will not justify itself. In the first, this is an option cheaply, angrily and with less financial risks, and in the second, qualitatively, for a long time, and with greater financial risks. But ... Fortunately for all optimizers , the risks with perpetual links are minimal. Exchanges have functionality To control from the "webmaster-redneck", as well as control of the liveliness of links to the donor page. For example, in PR. Sape for removing the link, the webmaster receives a ban and his website is thrown out of the exchange)) At the end of February in SAP ( automatic promotion ) Roo kee screwed up the functionality of buying perpetual news links with PR. Sape . One of the logical possibilities is to use perpetual links to promote both client sites and problem projects. What do you mean trouble? Read below. As I mentioned at the beginning, many people reacted to Sape with a certain skepticism. After all, in fact - the usual eternal links. So it seemed to me. But after the first results, it dawned on me that the links are not that simple.

News links have an advantage

What does the optimizer expect in the first place after purchasing links? Their indexing. The faster links get into the index, the faster the anchors (queries) will start working. The main advantage of news links is the speed of indexing. You can buy links in future articles (news). This means that when a donor page gets into the index, your link also goes into the index. How fast? The average time of appearance of these links in the fast index of search engines, for example, in the index I ndexa , on average - 24 hours. The period may be a couple of days. Not all links crowd into the index at the same time. It all depends on the donors themselves. So to say, as far as search engine robots settled on the donor site)). What do we have as a result? All purchased news links via Roo kee are displayed in the webmaster panel, which indicates 100% indexing.

For reference, : pages in the fast index live for about two days and then drop out of it. This is due to the constant fastindex cache update. Therefore, you should not be afraid if the link suddenly fell out of the index, this is quite normal behavior and in this case it is worth waiting for the next reference update.

How real is the naturalness of the link? Myth?

Myths are born out of ignorance and lack of facts. Or rather, the reluctance of existing facts to accept and study. For me, eternal links are a real fact. And the main argument - the links are placed by webmasters themselves and handles. This “naturalness” of the link is very good for promoting the site on highly competitive (VC) queries in comparison with ordinary exchange links. But what does “naturalness of the link” mean? Let's put all the dots on "i". Especially this information will be useful to those who still do not know what natural links are. In my understanding, a natural link is:

  1. link that is placed on the thematic site (what is the TIC remember?);
  2. link that leads to the page relevant to the topic of this article (relevance);
  3. link that is located inside the content (context);
  4. a link that is placed on a new, not yet indexed page (!!! links from old pages are very tight on pushing queries);
  5. link which is at least the minimum traffic (trust);
  6. a link that does not “blink” (“rednecks” in GBL);
  7. a link is placed forever.

Do you agree with this definition? Who does not agree, suggest your own way of defining the naturalness of links.It will be interesting to hear and discuss this topic in the comments. experience and respect for PR. Sape I already have. Practice further)). Since the functionality is relatively new, the best experience is to check the root of the innovation - practice. I will tell you a situation in which one of my friends found himself a social engineer. The real problem was that the site for some requests stupidly did not want to go up the issue. Burning the budget for the purchase of thousands of links, as it turned out, has become to the edge not effective in this situation. What to do? Change strategy. The optimizer approached the issue more radically. Working with the functionality of PR. Sape in Roo kee he bought about 50 news links for a total of 15,000 rubles. Expensive? Links were bought with the aim of "pushing through", in the end, TOP10 search engine I ndex according to the queries of the customer and optimizer.Now understand the price of the question? )) After all, such problems in advancement call into question the competence of a specialist. The strike price for the link is also due to the fact that the query has been hanging in the second ten for almost a month and did not even intend to move to the TOP, so that he doesn’t do it with him. Surely some of you have encountered a similar problem when promoting HF VK requests to the TOP. This problem is called “traffic jam.” Therefore, expensive links were bought from fattening sites. Trust and weight were needed. As the forums sometimes say, links needed to turn up a turnip. After the first link APA, some of the purchased links got into the main index, and the query could move a couple of positions up. When all the purchased links were successfully indexed I with the index , the queries could get into TOP10. PR. Sape helped solve the traffic jam problem. ” What is important to consider when purchasing eternal links?

The main thing is not quantity, but quality

Despite the fact that there are sites in PR. Sape is not so much yet, in general, I was pleased with their quality. If you are promoting a customer site, it is better to use your own strategies Roo kee . The sites selected by the system need to be further filtered with their own hands and only after that make a purchase. With manual filtering, we exclude those sites that, in our subjective opinion, are not suitable for the role of donors. A friend of a SEO has finally got a list of 50 high-end sites, with a TIC of at least 500 and a PR of the main page of at least 2, where it was decided to buy links. It is better to buy a little less links, but more expensive than a ton and cheaper. Although, in each specific case, you need to rely on the goal. If you only need the TIC, this is one thing, and if you advance queries, this is another.


Eternal links are gaining more and more popularity. Now I can’t find a campaign that does without them. For example, I usually spend 30-40% of b on the promotion.

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