What should be on a one-page site?

It is not necessary to open a large project to earn big money on the Internet.

You can develop just one page on which you will offer a certain product. Developing one page is not at all difficult, but in order for it to work efficiently, it will be necessary to consider every necessary element.

What should be on a one-page site? In fact, such a resource should contain quite a lot of information, and if you don’t think about it in advance, then even thousands of visitors attracted to it may never become your customers. In this article we will examine all the components of a one-page vendor.

What should be on a one-page site?

How to fill a one-page website?

  • like a regular website, a one-page website should contain a logo and correspond to a corporate design. If you do not have the main resource, then design the design in accordance with the selected product;
  • every potential buyer must be sure that the transaction is completely safe with you, so you need to add information about the guarantees;
  • heading - a call to action, it is necessary to insert in the center of the page and highlight it in capital letters, additional blocks, color, and so on;
  • buttons with orders for goods and appeals to you, you need to place at least 2 times on the page;
  • when adding an order form, make sure that it is intuitive. If the form is complex or there are too many fields in it, the client can simply refuse the order;
  • be sure to list all the benefits of the product (service) that you are offering. It is important here, not to tell about the product, but to present positive aspects for the client;
  • tell a little about yourself and your company. This allows you to increase confidence;
  • the largest block with information is the detailed data about the product (service). In it, you will need to tell everything in detail and in detail about your offer. It is best to involve professional copywriters to write such texts;
  • the process of order fulfillment, payment and delivery should also be described in detail;
  • if you already have feedback from clients, add them to the page. This also increases the credibility of you and your suggestions. Alternatively, reviews can be made independently;
  • information that describes your advantages over competitors is especially effective. Tell potential customers why they should take advantage of your offer;
  • official information about your activity will help to increase your credibility. These can be various certificates, licenses and other documents;
  • each visitor to your one-page should have access to contact information. It is best to use all available methods of communication, because your customers can use different sites and programs, and possibly mobile communications.

What should be on a one-page site?

To make a quality one-page website is much easier than developing a full-fledged website. First of all, this is easier, because you need to work on just one page. But you need to take this seriously and try to develop a better one-page website that will convert traffic well.

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