What prevents us from earning more?

It is hardly possible to find a person who would be completely satisfied with the level of his earnings. The same applies to all those who work remotely.

But it is always possible to raise revenues, with a competent approach. Of course, you have to learn a lot and force yourself to work, but there are other barriers.

What keeps us from earning more? After all, we know how to create websites, how to write articles or at least how to perform tasks on mailers, but we do not use all these options to the full. There are a lot of factors that are serious obstacles on the way to increasing your own income.

What prevents us from earning more?

Why can't I earn more?

  1. Social networks. One of the most serious consumers of personal time, which constantly makes us lose precious hours and minutes. Waking up and deciding to do a great job, we pour a cup of coffee and first go to social networks. A few moments passed, and the coffee is already cold, how does this happen? It is impossible to explain.
  2. The Internet as a whole. In addition to social networks, there are many other distracting factors on the Internet. It can be browser games, entertainment portals, popular YouTube and a host of other resources. They drag out users and force them to waste time, so you need to learn how to stop using them.
  3. Extra noise. Working at the computer and performing complex actions, it is necessary to concentrate on your business. Extraneous noises can significantly reduce the speed of work, even the music in the background. Try to secure yourself silence, due to this work will be done faster.
  4. Lunch breaks. Making money at the computer and being at home, we can afford lunch breaks at least every five minutes. Sometimes, it turns into a serious problem, especially if the work does not bring pleasure and you have to look for any other activities, just to find an excuse for a break.
  5. Job search. Depending on what you do, a huge amount of time can go looking for work. For example, freelancers can spend hours not getting down to business just because they are constantly looking for an employer. In this case, it is necessary to consider alternative activities that can be started without expectations.
  6. Communication with people. If you decide to make money on the Internet, then you definitely need to learn how to communicate with people. You are engaged in website promotion, group management in social networks, copywriting or any other kind of freelancing. All this requires that you be able to correctly set up dialogues.
  7. Love for sleep. All the tales that a freelancer can sleep as much as they want are a blatant lie. If the employee sleeps 12 hours a day, then he has much less time to do the work, and if the freelancer does not work, then there will be no salary. Learn to follow a normal sleep schedule, it also affects activity.
  8. Specific objectives. The last reason for not being able to reach higher incomes. If you do not strive for anything, then why work more and strive to increase profits? There really is no need. That is why you need to set yourself specific goals and set the bar to which you will strive.

Making money on the Internet, you can always increase your income, the main thing is to figure out what's stopping you from doing it. Highlight the main reasons and strive to improve your activity, otherwise very soon you will get tired of what you do.

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