What portfolio need a copywriter? The right portfolio.

In the field of copywriting, it is already quite difficult to compete with experienced authors, because many have proven themselves on the positive side and have gained an impressive rating, so customers prefer to work with them.

How to interrupt orders? Strive for professional level and be sure to make a portfolio for yourself.

What kind of portfolio does a copywriter need? It doesn't matter where you make a portfolio, open a website, inside a content exchange or even on social networks, the most important thing is that your work is not done in vain. When creating examples of your texts, you need to rely on several important rules.

What portfolio need a copywriter? The right portfolio.

The correct copywriter's portfolio

  1. Not quantity, but quality. You need to fill your portfolio with exceptionally high-quality materials, which you think are the best. Let it be 5-7 articles, not 20-30 illiterate and unsuccessful texts. You need to show not productivity, but only quality.
  2. A variety of materials. Clients can be different, and copywriters are very often versatile performers and accept applications for the development of texts of various topics. In addition, texts may differ by type, informational, selling articles, instructions, walkthroughs, and so on. Try to add various materials to your portfolio to show your versatility and attract all possible customers.
  3. Gain popularity. The surest way to gaining popularity, as well as filling your portfolio with high-quality materials, is participation in various competitions. Thousands of websites, blogs, forums and freelance exchanges are constantly held all sorts of contests in which you can participate. Only one article can bring you fame and new customers.
  4. Additional information about the works. In parallel with the addition of new material in the portfolio, specify additional information. For example, you can add a technical task, specify the customer's requirements, present a style of presentation of information, explain where the text is intended, etc.

    All this will help customers understand why there are various elements in your materials. Why do it? The fact is that an article compiled from the first person for a blog may not be suitable for filling a corporate site, and so the client does not think that you are using this style, you need to explain that the customer required it.

What portfolio need a copywriter? The right portfolio.

For an experienced copywriter who has completed thousands of orders in his career, it is easy to fill a portfolio with good work. Do not forget that without the consent of customers, you can not lay out the work, because along with the sale of the material, you sell copyright, which means that the text becomes the property of the buyer.

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