What payment systems have affiliate programs?

The rapid development of e-commerce influences the emergence of payment systems.

Payment tools are still being created, and to ensure effective advertising, their developers offer advantageous cooperation. They are ready to share their profits with everyone who will attract new customers.

Affiliate programs of payment systems are notable for their stability and profit in the long run.

Usually a small percentage of the commission from operations is credited to partners. When a large network of active users gathers and they transfer large sums, the income is large.

What payment systems have affiliate programs?

The best affiliate program of the payment system

First, I’ll tell you about the affiliate program that I actively use. The payment system appeared much later than its main competitors, but it quickly gained popularity, as it contains many useful tools and simple withdrawal / exchange of virtual money.

The income from the affiliate program increases proportionally:

What payment systems have affiliate programs?

You can receive up to 25% from the income of the system from operations, but to make it possible , attracted customers must conduct transactions for a huge amount. Gradually, the conditions will improve, and in your account you will observe the statistics:

What payment systems have affiliate programs?

It is also advantageous that the percentage comes from 6 levels of referrals. Attracting active partners, you get additional profits and create a source of passive profits.

The percentage at each level is different:

  • 2 level 6%
  • 3 level 4%
  • 4 level 3 %
  • 5 level 2%
  • 6 level 1%

Partners are offered quality promotional materials, a large selection of banners and regular referral links. The money is credited directly to the wallet automatically, each time one of the referrals performs an operation:

What payment systems have affiliate programs?

Therefore, transfers from the affiliate program bring small amounts. As you can see, only 31 kopeks came from a single referral operation. This is not a bad money, given the fact that a large network of referrals can conduct several thousand transactions per day.

Which payments have affiliate program?

It is not only with Payeer that you can enter into a profitable cooperation. If you have a group, website or channel related to the topic of electronic money, advertise other payment systems. Conditions are different everywhere, but in any case, the partnership brings a good profit when the network of referrals increases.

Here are some of the best affiliate payment systems:

  1. - the only way to make money with this company is to issue certificates. After receiving a personal certificate, you can certify other users. The cost of issuing a certificate is determined independently, but it is better not to overestimate the average rates.
  2. What payment systems have affiliate programs?
  3. - one of the most profitable affiliate programs among payment systems. It pays interest on the operations of referrals 1 and 2 levels. The amount of remuneration depends on what action the user performs. Deductions come even for the ordered cards and balance replenishment:
  4. What payment systems have affiliate programs?
  5. - it offers the most unusual terms of cooperation. Partners receive 1% per annum of the balance per month in the account of the attracted user. Payouts come in every month, and many banners are offered for convenient work, in addition to the usual affiliate link.
  6. - pay $ 5 per referral. If you attract 10 people, start receiving $ 10 for each client. A prerequisite is to pay a subscription to Personal Pro or Business and conduct transactions of at least $ 250. Remuneration is credited within 10 days.
  7. - one of the anonymous payment systems, which has a 5-level affiliate program. It pays up to 20% of the commission on transactions performed by invited users. It makes sense to attract partners, favorable conditions.

Modern people actively open virtual wallets, as it is convenient. In addition, it comes in handy for remote earnings, which are now in trend.

Monitoring of exchangers

does not apply to payment systems, but it also has a profitable affiliate program.

Affiliate programs of payment systems are stable, this is their main advantage.

By starting to attract referrals today, you guarantee yourself a profit for the next few years. The same WebMoney works since 1998, in the future electronic money should be used even more actively.

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