What kind of workers need to be fired? interest in the company

Large companies have huge staffs, but as practice shows, not all employees contribute a sufficient level of effort to the development of a company.

The duties of the manager include work with personnel, which includes the need to evaluate the activities of employees and their contributions to overall development. What kind of workers need to be laid off?

What kind of workers need to be fired? interest in the company

Dismissing workers

Criteria that can be used to identify a non-quality worker are many, but we have chosen the main ones:

  1. Lack of interest in the company and low activity. Practically in every company there are employees who have a negative attitude not only to their activities, but also to the activities of all personnel. They go to work in order not to be reprimanded and not to lose the prize, and all their actions are only reporting to management, and not a contribution to the business. Such workers absolutely need to be fired, or sent to low positions.
  2. Unsuccessful labor contributions. It is not uncommon for such workers, who seem to be making enough effort to perform the assigned tasks, but they can never achieve the desired result. Yes, they are hardworking and can work for a long time, not paying attention to the futility, but the assessment of work should be objective. If there are no results, then why pay the employee money?
  3. Inappropriate candidates. By creating certain specifics inside the office, it can become favorable for the majority of employees and at the same time negative for individuals. Even communicating with the team can affect the activity of the employee, and this means that it is necessary to establish friendly relations between the employees. Thus, a friendly and cohesive team is created, capable of jointly solving complex tasks.

What kind of workers need to be fired? interest in the company

By dismissing employees, managers do not have a negative impact on development, since it is quite possible that the employee was an “excess burden”. As a leader, you must understand who you need to work with, and who need to be fired without regret.

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