What kind of customers need to fear complex customers

The activity of freelancers is connected with the constant search for customers and order processing. Unfortunately, there are certain groups of clients dealing with whom, a remote employee gets a headache instead of a tangible profit.

If you are a freelancer too, you will definitely need to learn how to identify customers that you should not work on. So which customers need to beware of?

What kind of customers need to fear complex customers

Be wary of complex customers

1. I do not know what I need.
The first group of customers with whom it is better not to get involved are customers who refuse to draw up TK. No, they are not trying to save time, they just do not know what exactly they need. In the process of developing a project, you will need to constantly submit your work to the customer to make sure that exactly what he needs is being created. Making permanent changes can be a huge problem, because you will be working for a very long time, and your earnings will not be different from a regular order.

2. Create a quality project in 2 minutes.
Some customers, not even possessing an initial level of knowledge, believe that it is very easy to develop the project necessary for them. If they write to you about creating a large and high-quality project as writing a 100-character article, this is a reason to be wary.

Most likely, such a client simply does not take into account the necessary labor contributions and may doubt your professionalism if you do not complete the work quickly and efficiently. To protect against such situations, immediately submit a list of works that you need to perform.

3. You do not need safe transactions, I pay doubly.
Generous employers very quickly become stingy when it comes to paying your labor. In practice, such situations occur quite often, because the "throw" the price is really possible when the project is ready.

The freelancer, having invested certain efforts, does not want to completely refuse money, therefore he agrees to at least some payments. If you are immediately told about double payments and generosity, this is again a reason to be wary and from the very beginning to point out a safe transaction and take an advance.

What kind of customers need to fear complex customers

4. I paid less to another freelancer.
This group of customers is more common than the previous one. After you have discussed the details, and the conversation turned to payment, the client is surprised at the high cost and says that another remote performer did the same, but for a relatively smaller amount.

You can try to explain to him that the price is acceptable, or simply refuse to complete the project by sending the customer to the executor with whom he worked before.

5. I understand this better than you.
There are also such clients who consider themselves to be very clever and consider that the level of professionalism of a freelancer doesn’t fit his level. It’s hardest of all to work with such clients, all the more so after a long conversation, his real level of knowledge will surely become clear.

It is best to advise such a customer to complete their own project.
If you are going to meet one of the types of customers described above when completing projects for your own clients, immediately refuse to cooperate. Do not “throw around” your time, if you have some experience and feedback, choose orders, and not “grab” for every opportunity.

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