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The last few days I’ve been browsing Google and I ndex on the topic eternal links . I decided to probe the soil on this topic. What just do not write? Highlighted the most frequent headlines:

  • What are perpetual links?
  • Where to buy perpetual links?
  • How to buy perpetual links correctly?
  • How to increase TIC with perpetual links?
  • How to increase traffic with perpetual links?
  • How to make the right anchor for eternal links?
  • How to get to the TOP ...?
  • Is there any guarantee of indexation ...?
  • What is the advantage ...?
  • ...

What, how, why, when, why? These are endless questions. In general, by the request "perpetual links” Google gave 5.37 million answers, and I ndex more than 36 million. And what? And the fact that interest in perpetual links over the past few years it has grown by orders of magnitude. Previously, more and more they made their way to the TOP by purchasing links in Sapa. There were and there are such exchanges Miralinks, GoGetLinks and others, but their popularity was not as high as Sape links. You can say: " These are completely different exchanges, different price categories, different methods of promotion ". But, such a difference exists today, and the popularity of eternal is higher. Why?

It’s all about efficiency. Nap For example, in the article "Eternal links: what should the optimizer know? Also, based on many examples posted on the web, optimizers have appreciated the valuable perspective of such a reference SEO.

But not everything is as simple as it seems. If the purchase of regular links, few people pay attention to the subject of the donor or paid little attention to it, his puzomerki and stuff, then with the eternal such an approach does not work. Such concepts as HF, MF, VC, TIC, age of the donor, relevance, page optimization, etc. have much more weight. Eternal links , one might say, is the subtle mechanism of professional SEO .

The SAP Roo kee was most responsible for understanding the issue and the functionality. It took a long time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various SAP.

I think that many have already been able to evaluate the functionality of the filter on the selection of donors. Taking into account the fact that he cooperates with nine leading exchanges of links, that is, from which to choose. The strategies within the system are divided into 3 main groups - LF, MF, HF, each of which is divided into 3 subclasses - NK, SK, VK. Geo-targeting allows you to work not only with Russia, but also with Ukraine, which was a great gift for me, because I have a number of projects for Ukrainian traffic and Ukrainian traffic mainly with Google .

For a newbie, this functionality will more than satisfy the needs of not only advancing requests and achieving the TOP , but also for common tasks such as increasing the TIC .

By the way, the questions at the beginning of the article will be closely discussed on this blog in a lively practice and without philosophy.

It is interesting to know your personal opinion about eternal links and what results have been achieved when using them? Write in the comments.

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