What is total in BC? How to win on the totals in the BC?

It is impossible to earn decent money on what you do not understand at all.

Sports betting is no exception. To bookmakers bring a good income, you need to understand all the intricacies of their use, as well as learn all the complex terms, abbreviations and expressions.

What is the total in BC? Each user of the bookmakers had to hear about the totals, but not everyone knows what it is.

This is a certain type of bet, which takes into account the total number of goals scored. For example, you can put money, that for the whole game the teams will score more than 3. 5 goals.

What is total in BC? How to win on the totals in the BC?

First you need to understand well how the totals work. For the entire game, teams score a certain number of goals.

It is rather difficult to build an accurate forecast for such a result, but in totals it does not matter who wins. All the best bookmakers accept these types of bets.

also offers totals in additional bets:

What is total in BC? How to win on the totals in the BC?

Basic coefficients are set only for wins or draws, and in additional ones there are almost always many interesting ways to bet money .

The image shows a pair of totals, where you can bet from 1. 5 to 2. 5 goals. Why not an even number? This is done for convenience, because half the goal is impossible to score.

If you use the totals in tennis, then there are considered played games.

As in football, totals are used in other sports . For example, they are found in basketball, but there, naturally, the number of goals in total totals is much higher:

What is total in BC? How to win on the totals in the BC?

The best way to put money in totals correctly is to track statistics. Need to analyze both teams.

Take the statistics for the last 10 games, see how many goals each team scored in order to build a forecast. Select the average value and then select the appropriate total.

Find out where to put money on sports, use only high-quality bookmakers. Totals are an interesting type of bet, some use only them.

Try to make several such bets, but be careful, because making a forecast for someone's victory is much easier than predicting how many goals will be scored per game.

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