What is the most profitable affiliate CPA? how to calculate it

Many moneymakers use affiliate programs with a pay-per-action system.

Newbies, watching payment screens and enrollment statistics, also decide to start earning, but not everyone has their own site. Therefore, they find start-up capital and invest it in advertising.

How to calculate CPA benefit? This must be done to select the most advantageous offers. High pay per action is not the best indicator, since everything depends on the action performed and what is being offered. All the details need to be taken into account, even the presence of promotional materials.

What is the most profitable affiliate CPA? how to calculate it

To help you understand what is being said, think about what is easier to do. Earn 1000 rubles at registrations in any system (100 rubles per action) or sell someone a brick for 1000 rubles? The second offer is tempting, it is paid immediately a large amount for one sale, but to achieve it is not so easy.

The simplest formula for calculating a CPA is to take the advertising budget and divide it by the amount of the reward. Take the offer from the aggregator to understand this in more detail:

What is the most profitable affiliate CPA? how to calculate it

Suppose that 2,000 rubles were allocated for advertising the service. We divide the expenses by the expected profit, we get 40. For the full payback of expenses, we need to collect 40 registrations.

Now let's consider another offer with payment for a confirmed order:

What is the most profitable affiliate CPA? how to calculate it

To return your 2000 rubles, you need to find 3-4 buyers. The indicator is very different, but this does not mean that the offer is more profitable.

Registering on the site is easy, and not every user will want to buy goods. Therefore, in the first offer there is less risk of wasting an advertising budget.

Recommended CPA affiliate programs

Many affiliate programs work on the pay-per-action system. Depending on what kind of traffic you are attracting and from where, income figures can vary greatly.

To find the best deal, you need to test each system. Due to the experience, I can share with you several profitable CPA affiliate programs:

  1. - a network of affiliate programs with a large number of offers. There are offers for mobile applications, products, with registrations and much more. The administration does not hide the fact that there are offers that allow you to earn money on motivated traffic (i.e., users from tasks on mailers).
  2. - an affiliate program of a large dating service on the Internet, Love Planet. When someone registers on your link, immediately pays from 8 to 36 rubles, depending on the gender and age specified in the questionnaire. In addition, transfer 50% of the money spent on paid services.
  3. - product partnership program. Through it, you can earn on sales of iPhones, cosmetics, clothes, children's toys and so on. The administration offers its products, they have a warehouse. The range is wide, the rewards are decent, and you can advertise products in social networks.
  4. - there is no difference where you will advertise the products of the online store Aliexpress. There are more goods in it, several thousand items. Payments to partners from 8. 5% from each sale. You can be sure that the people involved will be shopping, the prices are low. Deductions for life, with subsequent purchases also come.

If you decide to calculate the CPA profitability, you need to take everything into account. The relevance of the product or service, the popularity of the brand, the level of conversion, the presence of landing pages and so on. High-quality affiliate programs bring more income.

A beginner moneymaker has a huge selection, but you can't rush. It is impossible to say exactly which affiliate program will bring you a lot of money, you need to test them separately.

Someone manages to collect more from the sale of goods, to someone to attract a bunch of new users to dating sites, it all depends on the type of traffic.

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