What is the layout of the site and what are the types?

In the field of website building, one often hears the phrase “site layout”.

This is a mandatory procedure when developing each resource. A professional should deal with it, otherwise you can make mistakes that in the future will deprive the chance for effective development of the site.

What is site layout? This is the process of combining all the materials to create pages. Elements of design, structure, layout of blocks are taken and everything is connected to launch the site.

Professionals work on a pre-created layout (the easiest way to create a site layout), implementing the idea step by step.

What is the layout of the site and what are the types?

Website layout from scratch

To explain it in a language understandable for beginners, imagine that you are planning to launch a website .

Initially, files with images, texts, keywords are prepared, code is written. Then all this is used for page layout, in other words, all the prepared materials are combined.

When layout is taken into account every detail. A suitable width is set, the correct display of the site in different browsers is checked (how to check the cross-browser compatibility of the site), all unnecessary is removed from the code, and so on.

Only a qualified professional should be engaged in this, knowledge is necessary.

If you doubt your own knowledge, it is better to raise money and turn to those who have been doing this for a long time. Freelancers on the stock exchange are always ready to help, and at the expense of the portfolio and reviews, you can be sure of their professionalism:

What is the layout of the site and what are the types?


For example, due to errors in the code, the site may not be displayed correctly on PCs with different resolutions. Also, not competent layout can adversely affect the speed of loading pages, which will affect the positions in the search.

Types of site layout

Generally speaking, two types of layout are distinguished - tabular and block. Now block layout is used, it is somewhat more complicated, but also more practical. The page hosts a lot of blocks, this is done using a tag.

They overlap each other in layers, and each block is assigned a unique ID. They also have their own CSS styles. Such layout is more difficult, but it reduces the page weight by reducing the code.

Tabular layout fades into the background in the modern world. It is easier to explain, it uses a regular table with rows and columns.

They contain different elements, and due to the large number of tags, the weight of the page becomes too large. In addition, the indexing of such resources is bad.

Now very few people use tabular layout, it is used only to save time. It is impossible to realize a complex design with it, you have to sacrifice something for the sake of download speed and so on.

What is the layout of the site and what are the types?

What is the layout of the site?

The above are the basic definitions, but the layout can be other types of . If you decide to understand this niche or plan to order the services of professionals, it is better to understand all types of layout:

  1. Adaptive layout of the site - setting the design so that it displays correctly on any platforms. Visitors can enter from a phone, tablet or even a Smart TV, this layout is needed so that the project is displayed correctly on any device.
  2. Fixed layout - blocks are assigned a certain size, it does not change. It is inappropriate to use it, because now the resolution and screen size of visitors can be very different.
  3. Rubber layout - the opposite of the previous one. When using it, the blocks are stretched or vice versa reduced, depending on the resolution. That is how it should be on a modern website.
  4. Cross-browser layout - this has already been mentioned above. The site is configured parameters so that it opens correctly in any browser.
  5. Mobile layout of the site - by the name it is already clear that this setting is carried out specifically for mobile traffic. We have already told you whether the site needs a mobile version, in the modern world you cannot do without it.

To make a site seem not such a difficult action, but in reality, only a true professional can handle it. Of course, you can download templates and use free CMS, but even in this case, configuration will be required.

An example of the site layout can be searched on the Internet; this procedure was carried out when creating each resource. It is difficult to understand all the subtleties without serious knowledge, but at least a general idea of ​​what this means, you now have.
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