What is the future of mobile search and SEO? - Profit Hunter

The phone is becoming more functional. These are not just devices for simple calls. These are whole mini offices. Half of the Internet affairs (or even everything) can be solved using the mobile Internet. What are the trends in mobile Internet development?

Technologically, the year 2005 was declared the “Year of mobile phones” 🙂 - a magical moment when everyone starts using mobile devices for games, communication, shopping, networking, etc. Smartphones are gaining everything more popular. Soon they will surpass ordinary phones. A small graph " Smartphones: Distribution and Projections " reflects this trend:

What is the future of mobile search and SEO? - Profit Hunter

К the third quarter of 2011, the popularity of smartphones will be 50% of the total mass of the mobile market in the United States. The prevalence of mobile devices in the US - iPhone, Blackbarry, Android, etc. - is very high. Walking on the Internet in such devices is no different from using desktop PCs or laptops. People through mobile phones are looking for the same thing as on their home computers. There is really one difference.

Mobile Search is more local. The user is usually looking for what he needs and closer: shopping, entertainment, recreation and more. Especially when you're on the road, searching the Internet is more focused. It seems that using mobile "on the go" causes some kind of concentration. Although, you should not say 100%. There are craftsmen who waste traffic and climb around the globe.

A huge burden and task is placed on the PS. After all, a search through mobile devices causes a "mobile ranking." For example, you are on the road and are looking for a place to rest or spend the night. typing the request, the PS should give the places closest to your location (a good thing is Google Maps). If you move, say, 300 km, then the issue of suitable places for overnight stay and rest will be completely different.

What is the future of mobile search and SEO? - Profit Hunter

From this graph, you can see that mobile devices are not inferior to their PC counterparts. In the future, mobile devices even overtake them.

What does all this mean for webmasters, web designers, coders and other site creators. And the fact that sites now need to be checked not only for compatibility with different browsers, but also with mobile devices. This is a huge unfilled niche. In Russia, you can roam to the fullest. Draw conclusions, take the western experience and earn money on it.

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