What is the difference between foreigners and Russians?

So much is connected with money in our lives, they decide almost everything, so people do not stop thinking about “pieces of paper” for a second.

In foreign films, you can observe how average families live in a big house, they have several cars and once a year they can afford to go on a holiday. In Russia, the picture is completely different, work at the plant, rest on the nearest pond and a car taken on credit.

Why do foreigners live better? This is partly the merits of the state, which maintains a good standard of living.

But even among our compatriots there are many people who also receive good money. Even among your neighbors, there will definitely be those who drive around in a fresh German car and dress decently.

What is the difference between foreigners and Russians?

What prevents a Russian from getting rich?

A Russian doesn’t cost anything to walk the whole salary at a bar that is between work and home. There are such people among foreigners too, but they are much smaller.

Exaggerated, but still a real example, which already pushes on certain thoughts.

Stop complaining about the economy and the crisis, because people are getting richer around you, and you just don't want to understand this.

While living in any country, you can discover the gold mine , and even under an educated professional can do it. Once I began to invest in the sphere of the Internet and now I can afford to buy a good car.

Investments work on the machine, but I try to maintain and develop sources of profit.

Most Russian-speaking peoples are accustomed to living the same day. Indeed, when incomprehensible events take place around and in an instant you can turn from a wealthy person into a homeless person, you simply cannot think otherwise.

What is the difference between foreigners and Russians?

How are foreigners different from Russians?

We will only talk about what distinguishes foreigners financially. All nations are different from each other, and if you learn to live "correctly," you can significantly improve your situation:

  1. They respect money, and it’s not a shame to talk about them. When friends meet, they easily share information about their incomes without resentment and bashfulness. We have quarrels on this basis. This is absurd, but along with a great hatred for money and rich people, we continue to dream of wealth.
  2. They honor the law, doing everything as it should, not hoping to “slip” somewhere or find a sucker (although there are such people abroad). For the most part, Russian people believe that the laws are designed to violate them. It is worth driving on our roads and it becomes obvious.
  3. They do not wait for justice, but do everything to make it come. Surely, you also argued that it would be nice to divide the money of the rich and give people land. In our country, wealthy people have 80% of all money, and all the rest live on 20%. Sad statistics, but what does each of us do to correct the situation?
  4. They are optimists, they believe in a better life, they think that in the future everything will be much better and go about their business with a positive attitude. Our people more often complain and say "Soon it will be even worse." With this attitude, and strive for nothing you do not want.
  5. They are used to saving while we live in a big way. Again, going back to American films, you should have noticed that there the families manage the budget, look at the bills, make plans, and so on. Most likely, something like this happened in your family when there were already problems with money.

Unfortunately, the general standard of living in Russia is much worse than in many other countries. In part, this also affects our financial situation, but even in such conditions we must strive for the best.

It is unlikely that we will ever live as foreigners, our people are completely different. If the country does not work out, then you need to take specifically for themselves. You can succeed, stop complaining and pay attention to others. You are an individual, independent of anything, begin to act.

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