What is Snapchat and why is it so popular?

Often people hear from people that all business ideas have already been implemented.

Try telling the developers of Twitter, Instargam, Periscope, and the new social. Networks Despite the fact that there were already Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Facebook, they managed to achieve enormous popularity.

is an example of a successful startup that started a few years ago. Now it is a unique service where you can send photos and videos.

The point is that they are stored for no longer than 10 seconds . In the foreign segment, the project has become successful and popular among young people; in Russia, not many have heard about it yet.

What is Snapchat and why is it so popular?

What is the Snapchatch (Snapchat)?

An innovative social network created by Californian students. Everybody was laughing at the idea, investors and ordinary users, but when the chat was valued at a billion dollars, everyone’s mouths closed abruptly.

It took a little more time and the startup organizers received an offer from Facebook to sell the project for 3 billion dollars, but refused it.

In order for you to understand how advantageous this offer is, Instagram was once bought for 1 billion forever green.

From the name of the chat is already clear his chip. The word Snap translates as instant , and those are pictures and videos added by users. They exchange media content that lives in just a few seconds.

In the settings of the publication, you can set the time from 1 to 10 seconds, but by setting the minimum value, a mockery starts over the subscribers, because few people have time to look at the file.

What is Snapchat and why is it so popular?

Why are Snapchat so popular?

We have already said that a fresh idea is the key to success. Developers of a unique social network proved it. The fame of their offspring rests on three elephants:

  1. Real-time mode - pictures are sent directly from mobile devices, bypassing the entry in memory. This is the perfect way to share the latest pictures or videos. No old messages, everything is as close to real communication. It turns out that many people like it.
  2. Freedom of action - you can send any pictures without restrictions and do not worry that later they will light up somewhere. Information is deleted quickly, so no one can see the small details or share the file with their friends. The same applies to messages, there is no history, which means that they will not be re-read.
  3. Free memory on the phone - for active instagramers and twitter, it becomes a real problem when you take a thousand pictures, and then gradually publish them on your sites. Here the problem is solved, the data is immediately sent to the network, so it is not necessary then to select and delete them from your device.

If you first heard about the idea of ​​creating such a social network like Snapchat, how would you react to it. The messaging service with almost instantaneous deletion of information is absurd, but the idea has worked, and now a lot of money comes from its implementation.

The success of Snapchat development is a clear example for skeptics . By the way, in Russia few people use the service yet, and this is a real opportunity to launch an analogue on the domestic Internet.

Once upon a time, the Vkontakte site also appeared and, despite the existence of Facebook, it became the most popular in many countries.

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