What is SMO? introduction to SMO for beginners

It is necessary to understand all the terms and abbreviations in the field of optimization, because if the optimizer does not have a sufficient level of knowledge, its actions can have the opposite effect.

One common abbreviation for today is SMO , and in this article we will try to explain what it is.

What is SMO? The abbreviation stands for Social media optimization. Simply put, this is optimization in social networks, and given their massive distribution, SMO is a current direction. A huge number of people use social. networks for promotion and promotion, this is one of the best options.

What is SMO? introduction to SMO for beginners

Introduction to SMO for beginners

What is social network optimization used for? The main goal is to attract traffic, since social networks are gradually catching up with search engines, which means that you can attract as many visitors from them.

Optimization is achieved not only through the creation of public tables and communities, as well as the spread of advertising, but also through integration. Many sites are already integrated with social networks, and some webmasters do not focus on one project, but try to use all the popular social networks. network.

Gaining popularity using social projects is not so easy, so a huge number of different methods are used to attract visitors. In general, SMO is not some kind of action, but a whole range of actions performed not only to attract traffic, but also to improve the usability of the site, branding and popularity of the site.

What is SMO? introduction to SMO for beginners

SMO Basic Principles

  • The information provided on the site should be interesting to visitors from social networks;
  • there should be social networking buttons on the site, with the help of which users can share the link;
  • in social media you need to create a community that connects people with similar interests (highlighting the target audience to be sent to the site);
  • community content must be submitted not only from the site, it must be diluted with general posts that social visitors like. networks (preferably viral);
  • in groups and profiles of soc. networks, you need to properly configure the relink, so that the visitor must go to the site;
  • on the site, you can add a comment form from the social. networks, to write a comment, it was enough just to log in.

To strive for the use of social networks in order to promote their resources, it is imperative that this is the current direction, which is gradually gaining momentum. Even if you have a small and young project, be sure to use SMO , because in this area and the competition is lower than in search results.

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