What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

Now a lot is connected with cryptocurrency. Interesting services appear, users open their wallets, try to coin them. However, some do not even understand this topic.

But without the basics, using them or earning is too difficult. On this page we decided to answer one of the most important questions for newbies.

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, how to earn them? Everyone has heard about Bitcoin, many people know Litecoin, but very few people know about Satoshi or Litoshi.

At the same time, these digital currencies play an equally important role. They are also mined online by various methods, making great efforts.

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

Satoshi course, what is it?

The ruble has pennies, the dollar has cents, these face values ​​are entered for more convenient use Money. In Bitcoin, Satoshi plays this role. In fact, these are ordinary Bitcoins, they are simply called that for convenience.

The rate of this cryptocurrency is now so high that even a small amount of Satoshi is a decent amount. According to the current exchange rate:

  • if 10 Satoshi transfers 2 kopecks into rubles;
  • one Satoshi is 0. 0000001 Bitcoin;
  • rate Satoshi to the dollar 1000 Satoshi = 3 cents.

One Bitcoin is 100 million Satoshi. This ratio was not chosen by chance, because cryptocurrencies are converted in minimal amounts.

For example, 0. 000001 Bitcoin. It is much more convenient to call this amount as 100 Satoshi. This name Bitcoin “pennies” was given in honor of the founder of cryptocurrency - Satoshi Nakamoto.

What is Litoshi (Laytoshi)?

It is not difficult to guess what currency these denominations are attached to. Crypto Litecoin coins are no less popular, they are used all over the world, they earn, trade, mine, and so on.

The ratio here is exactly the same 1 Litecoin = 100,000,000 litosh. Speaking of Litkoins (Lightcoins), many people underestimate them. In vain, over the past six months, the rate has increased 20 times:

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

You could make good money storing them. Litecoin appeared right after Bitcoin, they have one developer. Why was another cryptocurrency introduced?

Bitcoin rose rapidly in price, which caused inconvenience in its use. Litecoin currency is much cheaper, so it's easier to use.

Where to earn Satoshi?

Almost all cryptocurrency earnings services offer to collect Bitcoin. Therefore, it is possible to get Satoshi through many different services.

It’s really hard to remove 1 BTC from them, but a few Satoshi can be obtained freehand from one of the taps. Consider several basic methods suitable for beginners:

  1. Collection of bonuses.

Right now you can collect several thousand Satoshi by simply collecting free gifts on special sites.

They are called cranes, a lot of advertising is placed there, due to this the administration collects a lot of money. These funds go to the distribution of bonuses. Usually, when collecting a bonus, you need to enter a captcha:

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

All sites have different conditions, they are asked to go through a bot test, somewhere to look at the site, sometimes clicking a button is enough. Naturally, a small freebie is distributed, but you can often collect it.

After receiving the bonus, the countdown of the timer begins, as soon as it ends, the following gift is available:

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

As you can see, in the example we managed to catch only 59 Satoshi, but some are lucky and they get more powerful bonuses. Freebitco crane. in is the best among analogs; every hour besides Satoshi there are also free tickets to the lottery with solid prizes.

  1. Foreign bucks.

All newbies know about sites like Wmmail, where they are encouraged to visit sites for money. They pay there in dollars, but there are analogs on which remuneration is paid in BTC.

This is a vivid example, where in addition to collecting a bonus, small orders are available. Unfortunately, the project is foreign, it has no Russian-speaking analogues. In the section with offers there are many offers from various services:

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

Unfortunately, all descriptions are in English, which causes difficulties for beginners. Payment is credited in coins, but balance is kept in Satoshi in your account.

On them here you can have fun in gambling, buy tickets in the lottery or collect bonuses for an affiliate program (10% of referral income).

  1. Mining.

Previously, it was possible to make good money on stationary computers if powerful processors or video cards were installed in them. Now the complexity of mining has increased greatly, so mining brings only Satoshi.

For example, the well-known trend GTX 1080 TI video card, on average, gives a hashrate of 35 Mh / s. When mining Ethereum or Ethereum a classic, you can get 2000 Satoshi every hour from it:

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

This calculator is presented on the site, where you can download a mining program. Through it, various currencies are mined, including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

In a month it turns out about $ 10. Should you do this, decide for yourself, just do not forget to take into account the cost of electricity.

  1. Cloud mining.

Much more interesting than regular mining, because you don’t have to use your equipment. Large companies offer to rent their facilities. This method requires investment, and how much to invest, decide for yourself.

On a popular site, contracts are made for 5 years (the most profitable). If you invest 18. $ 9 by purchasing a hashrate of 35, the daily profit will be 656 Satoshi (a little more than 20,000 Satoshi per month):

What is Satoshi and Litoshi, cryptocurrency earnings sites

Payback has to wait a long time, these investments are profitable only in the long run. It is also necessary to take into account that the rate of cryptocurrency may increase again and then the amounts received will be multiplied several times.

Exactly the same kind of income offers, only there it is impossible to get Lightcoins.

On the website

Satoshi is paid for entering a captcha, while there are no timers, guess the captcha as much as you like.

Collecting Satoshi is much easier than Litoshi, because a lot more services are created under Bitcoin. Do you have a starting capital or not, in any case, you can get cryptocurrency, at least for bonuses.

Earnings Litosha

All methods presented above are also suitable for collecting Litoshes. We presented cranes and other projects in a separate article - what is Litecoin.

They are also mined through normal and cloud mining, collected in the form of bonuses, received as a reward on various sites. Only systems in which Lightcoins are connected are much smaller. Consider some of them:

  1. - a popular crane on which you can collect lithosi every 5 minutes, they gradually accumulate, the more often you enter, the more you get. Minimal Talk 500,000 Litoshi.
  2. - on this tap, you can get 1000 Litoshi every 10 minutes. Here you can also collect other cryptocurrencies.
  3. - payments from this crane are automatic. The bonus is calculated from 12,500 to 50,000 Litoshi.
  4. - bonus up to 1200 Litoshi is available every 5 minutes.
  5. - distributes from 700 to 2000 Litoshi every 5 minutes.
  6. - every hour you can receive a bonus of up to a million Lithosi, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 2,500,000 Litoshi.
  7. - look at the site for bonuses in different cryptocurrencies. In Lytouchi, you can get them from 250 to 1250 every 5 minutes.

First, you can work with cranes, albeit not so much, but they will bring cryptocurrency. Similar websites continue to appear under Litecoin, because their popularity is also growing. Look for relevant collections, such services often open and close.

Satoshi and Litoshi are in many ways similar, but their course is very different. Not surprisingly, Litecoin was created specifically as a cheaper counterpart to Bitcoin.

You can earn both currencies using all the methods presented, it remains for you to decide which is better and whether you should extract coins at all.

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