What is phishing? How to create phishing sites?

Internet users are not sufficiently protected, even if modern antiviruses are installed on their computers.

Some methods of deception allow fraudsters to get the necessary information by cunning. A striking example of this is phishing, one of the ways to hack accounts in the social. networks.

What is phishing? Substitution of some popular resource in order to obtain a login and password from the profile of the victim.

This method is used not only in social networks, sometimes fraudsters copy government sites, Internet banking and payment systems sites, but people, not suspecting anything, transfer confidential data to attackers .

What is phishing? How to create phishing sites?

It is easy and simple, go to any popular resource and copy it completely. After that, a domain is purchased to a phishing site that is similar to the original one and advertising is launched.

Surely you have come to sites that open several additional tabs automatically. Among them may be phishing sites, so you need to be careful.

Determining a scam resource is not difficult; just look in the address bar. If the site address is somehow changed, and the interface is not changed, it means that you are on a phishing site:

What is phishing? How to create phishing sites?

This is a simple example of phishing scams. Vkontakte website is no different from the original, but in the address bar you can see that the domain is not the same.

Most often, people do not notice deception, as they enter data and click "Enter", and after that they are sent to the official website, where they have already been authorized.

Some of the sites created for phishing are already blocked, but the likelihood of becoming a victim remains. Learn how to protect your browser to protect against fraudsters.

Modern browsers and antiviruses already compile databases of FIGING sites, so that when they switch to them, users will receive notifications.

However, attackers manage to bypass the protection and phishing sites appear in huge batches on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive.

Phishing is far from the only way to hack accounts. Some attackers obtain passwords by selecting viruses, and other clever methods.

See an article on how to protect passwords from fraudsters, where we talked about a special program in which you can add data and increase their security.

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