What is Periscope and how to use it?

Skeptics, who claim that all the ideas of interesting sites have already been implemented, are constantly surprised.

More and more interesting projects appear, and Periscope is an excellent proof of that. It would seem that in the sphere of social networks and sites for online broadcasting leaders have already been determined, but this project blew up the Internet.

What is it and how to use it? This is a mobile application that allows you to run online broadcasts. It appeared in 2015 and in a few months attracted huge investments. Over time, the application came out in the TOP and is now actively gaining popularity.

What is Periscope and how to use it?

Why do we need a periscope?

Most often it is used to transmit information among users. The project implemented elements of a social network. You can add friends, like, write comments and so on. Most often it is used as entertainment and increase in popularity.

The idea to develop such a service was born as early as 2013, but only a few years later it was implemented. Now, everyone can start their own broadcast and collect viewers from around the world. Even large companies now use this system.

It is convenient that the system is integrated with Twitter (which is not surprising, since the developer is the same company). If you are already promoted on Twitter, then you will quickly have fans in Periscope.

How to register with Periscope?

To do this, you must have a mobile device with a video camera and internet access. The broadcast starts through the application, so you need to download it first.

Go to or from where you can download Periscope:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

When you first start the program, you will need authorization. You can spend it by phone number or via your Twitter account:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

First of all, we recommend that you go to the settings, add information about yourself and edit the profile:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

After that, subscribe to popular people in the new social network. You can find them by going to a special section:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

You can see who your friends are following to find interesting broadcasts. Run one of them and see how it all happens.

How to start a broadcast in the Periscope?

Enter the application, go to the main menu (button in the upper left corner). Then, click on the camera icon in the lower right corner:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

A menu opens where you can set the name of the broadcast, as well as select its type. Private or public broadcast, decide for yourself what concerns the name, it is better to make it interesting:

What is Periscope and how to use it?

Pay attention to the three icons that are set to the right. They can also be useful to you:

  • Twitter - by clicking on this icon, a notification on the launch of the broadcast will appear on your Twitter.
  • Profile - click on this icon if you want to ban comments (only those you follow will be able to post).
  • The cursor is tracking your location. Turn it on and you can be found in the global search.

After clicking on the "Start Broadcast" button, you will appear on the air. By double tapping the screen, you can switch the main and front camera. Also, when you click on the screen you will see a function to complete the broadcast.

How to make money in the Periscope?

There are no direct methods for broadcasting monetization, but alternative methods can be used for this. Speaking of this, do not try to make a profit until you unwind, it is meaningless.

Here are some options that are suitable for monetizing Periscope:

  1. Paid Broadcasts. Collect money from viewers so that they can view your broadcasts. You can sell access to broadcasts in any way, and after that, start a private broadcast, allowing only those who paid the money to visit it.
  2. Advertising on the air. If your broadcasts are viewed by a large audience, try finding advertisers. Use different sites (for example, the best SEO forums), where there are many potential advertisers and Internet businessmen.
  3. Own business. Naturally, you can attract people to make them your clients. Be engaged in sales, advertise information products and so on. Broadcasts are an interesting way to gain popularity.
  4. Affiliate Programs. No items? No problem, you can use the offers of different services and companies. Earnings on affiliate programs can be started from any platform, turn your viewers into buyers.

Perhaps in the future there will be a direct way to monetize broadcasts in Periscope. Interest in the project is growing every day, and famous people are constantly on the air, delighting their fans.

What is Periscope and how to use it?

How to unwind in the Periscope?

In an emerging social network, you can only get paid when there are a lot of subscribers. This is not so easy to do, because now in Periscope there are already many popular users.

If you want to gain popularity, listen to these tips:

  • make out your profile beautifully, add a high-quality photo, be sure to include a description;
  • make broadcast quality, use tripods, monopods, microphones, and other equipment;
  • don't forget to ask your viewers, like you, share a link with your broadcast with friends, write comments, and so on;
  • use all your profiles in social networks to post a link to the broadcast in Periscope;
  • be an active user Lem, subscribe to other people, go on their airs, comment and attract attention in every possible way;
  • try to start airs as often as possible, because every day users are looking for interesting broadcasts and can become your regular viewer;
  • communicate with subscribers as if they were your friends. Greet them, follow the comments, answer questions, and so on;
  • use different services and programs to help you advance in Periscope to start. For example, you can use Starscope. ru.

Along with the popularity of a new project, new Internet stars are emerging. Who knows, maybe, you will replenish their number if your airs are interesting and attract a large audience.

If you have money, try to advertise your broadcasts. You can order advertising in groups of social networks through the services



At this point, Periscope has no obvious competitors , although many believe that it will eclipse Instagram. In fact, these are completely different platforms, and to whom Periscope can compete is YouTube.

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