What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

To make money on the Internet, users are offered a huge number of different services. Among them, it is worth highlighting the project Ojooo. Abroad, this site is quite popular, and in Russia it began to use not so long ago.

The main reason for expressing interest in the site was the addition of functionality for remote earnings.

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

Earn at Ojooo

The Ojooo website is:

  • Social Network.
  • Contextual Advertising Service.
  • Search engine.
  • Website Builder.
  • Postal service.

Recently, the Ojooo service has also become an advertising exchange on which users from all over the world can earn. Russian localization of the site is not entirely correct, therefore, in the interface of the site, there are often not suitable words. Also, the site developed abroad does not use the Webmoney and Yandex payment systems. Money, all transactions are made through the payment services PayPal and Payza.

These moments should not be a reason to refuse to use the site, the interface is intuitive, and electronic money can be easily exchanged for any other currency (you can use monitoring exchangers).

Registration for Ojooo

When opening an account on this site, you will need to provide some information about yourself:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

Please note that in the fields with the names of payment systems, you will need to specify the mail addresses to which payments will be made. Be careful with their instructions.

How to make money on Ojooo?

You can get money on this site by viewing ads, as well as when performing non-complex tasks. To start making money, you will need to go to the "Watch and Earn" section:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

In the "Paid Clicks" section, you will be provided with a list of sites advertisers. Depending on the viewing time, as well as on the type of your account, you will receive a different payment for their visit:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

Matomy and Super Rewards offers you 5 cents for each execution. To obtain this money you will need to fulfill the various requirements of advertisers.

For example, you may be asked to register, survey, visit the site, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. Some tasks are written in English, but with the help of translators you can understand the conditions for their implementation:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

It's time to figure out that for paid accounts on Ojooo are offered to users. In the description of earnings on paid clicks you have already seen that paid account owners get more money for viewing sites. In addition, having a paid profile, improve the conditions for attracting referrals.

Attracting referrals to Ojooo is one of the best ways to make money on this site. Here is a table with conditions for all types of accounts:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

A premium account will cost you $ 39 a year, but Premium + costs $ 39 a month. You should not buy them only for the sake of increasing income from letters, since you will not be able to get your money back. You only need to acquire these accounts if you have enough referrals or if you rent them in the system.

You can choose from several packages with a certain number of referrals from 20 cents to 10 dollars:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

For inviting referrals from your website or from any other sources, the system Ojooo offers a lot of promotional materials, ranging from the usual referral link to teasers:

What is Ojooo? How to make money on Ojooo?

In general, the system is quite convenient, and with its help you can not only earn from scratch, but also competently invest your capital. How to use this service is up to you, now you know what Ojooo is and you can replenish the many thousands of audience of this resource.

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