What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Drawing attention to the Bitcoin rate, many people still regret that they have not invested in cryptocurrency before. Time back you will not return, but there are other coins which are now gaining momentum.

They are used on different projects, most often they are suggested to be collected without attachments, by various methods.

The social network and cryptocurrency Nimses (the code for receiving the bonus - bikrxxqtqv ) is a completely new, unusual and interesting project. Here, users are paid for every minute they live.

Developers launched social. network, and to raise interest in it, have implemented their own cryptocurrency. The project is working, gradually gaining momentum.

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Specify the invitation code when registering to receive the bonus - bikrxxqtqv

What is Nimses?

It was developed by professionals from Ukraine, but now there are representatives in Russia. For three years, work was underway on a new social network, after which the Nimses app was released.

In January 2017, resource tests were conducted, 750 users took part in it.

The company is officially registered in the USA (Delaware) back in 2016.

In essence, Nimses is an extensive system that is designed for mutual communication between participants. Similar projects were launched by the Americans, but in Russia there was nothing of the kind.

Only here is the time spent on the net, really monetized. While Nimses are used in few places, but Bitcoins were not quoted at the time.

The company has not only a mobile application, but also its own website. It has a lot of useful information, there are contacts and much more. The design is gloomy, but here the idea (angels) is felt.

YouTube is full of clips about this site, the developers are led by the official Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram communities. Watch their life as you like.

Money Nimses (nims)

Recently, a huge number of new cryptocurrencies have appeared, some of them are very promising. On our blog pages there is a lot of information about different coins, you can also read about NEM cryptocurrency.

Surely no one knows how much the exchange rate of such currencies will rise, but every coin has chances for success.

Inside the project, Nimy equated to one minute of human life. Every day, 1,440 Nom is charged to the internal balance of users.

The amount looks solid, but the rate of cryptocurrency is low, so do not expect a big profit. The actual rate of Nimses is 0. 001 $, it turns out, in a day it is really possible to collect 1. 44 $.

You can do nothing at all on the project, the currency is charged in any case. Save Nima on your balance to use them later. Social network users have wide functionality.

Post photos, chat, share content. Entries in the tape here are called "Traces on the sidewalk."

At the same time, Nima is first charged for publishing, but this attracts more attention from other users. Accumulated cryptocurrency is displayed as a halo. Its size depends on the amount of funds on the balance sheet. The color of the halo changes depending on the status.

Registration Nimses

We have already said that their main project is a mobile application. The site only provides detailed information and other data. Therefore, first you need to download the program.

It is available for IOS and Android in official stores (type in the NIMSES search). After the first launch, you will see this:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Official app stores check programs for viruses, so there’s no point in worrying. By the way, you can see NIMSES reviews on them, there are already more than a million installations on Google Play, and more than 60,000 users have left their feedback.

On the main page of the application there is a button for registration, after clicking on it, the following form appears:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

First you need to select your country of residence, and then enter your number phone. Next comes a special code in SMS, you need to specify and fill in personal data. Added name, nickname and picture. In addition, you will receive 1440 NEMs if you specify this code - bikrxxqtqv

Earnings Nimses

Everyone wants to know how to earn Nima to the maximum. The network is full of all sorts of instructions and schemes for money laundering, but they are prohibited. For example, some advise you to register new accounts and collect bonuses, but this is easily monitored.

The first, honest, and easiest way to collect cryptocurrency is daily charges. A nimbus is displayed in the main window of the application and the balance is displayed:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

The exchange rate of Nimes for other currencies is also shown here. While it is changing only slightly, but the project is developing, the trend is increasing along with it.

NIMSES can also be earned in other ways:

  1. Post interesting entries in your feed and do it more often, especially when you are away from home. In a small radius from you, other people will put likes, and this brings him.

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

  1. On Nimses, there is a function to add users to Close. Firstly, it allows you to set up automatic transfers of NIMs to other participants, and secondly, regardless of geographic location, posts appear in the feed:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

  1. Businessmen can earn a lot of nim by offering their products and services for cryptocurrency. In Moscow and Kiev, the most concentrated institutions in which you can already pay with them are:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

  1. According to the rules, Nimes resale is prohibited, but many people use it. It is quite possible to find the NIMSES or outbid online. At the unofficial rate, for 10,000 Nimes they give about 50 rubles:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Now people are wary of cryptocurrencies, because there are much more unsuccessful projects than promising coins . That NIMSES attract great attention.

The social network is really interesting, but among real companies, there are more and more organizations accepting Nimes for payment.

NIMSES Affiliate Program

One cannot but tell about another method of collecting Nimes, which, in our opinion, is the most profitable. We are talking about an affiliate program.

The administration charges 4320 NIMSES for each invited member. The application has a separate page for this, it contains the NIMSES code:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Get your code, tell about the new application and cryptocurrency. In this way it is possible to quickly collect a bunch of coins. Having your website is not necessary, use other methods to attract referrals. One of the easiest ways is to write reviews on forums and other projects.

How and why to verify with Nimses?

In today's social networks, real chaos is created. Bots and fakes resources are full. In Nimses this problem was decided to be completely eliminated.

To get the status of Human, you need 6 verified users to confirm that you are a real person and your photo in the profile:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

In the application you will find the " Verify ", and after confirmation you can check other people yourself. Someone suggests verification for money, it is illegal, when trying to deceive the system, a ban is imposed.

Therefore, it is better to use standard functionality and send 3 requests to acquaintances a day:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Unfortunately, the application is not popular enough, so it is sometimes difficult to find verified users within 2 km. Developers offer just to wait until the network reaches your city, it expands very quickly.

The main reasons for obtaining the status of "Man" are access to the NIMSES store and protection from bots.

How to withdraw money from Nimses?

There is no button for withdrawing funds in the mobile application interface. Also, NIMSES is not yet found on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. But do not despair, it is possible to get real money for such coins.

First, look at the shops on the official website, there is a huge list of organizations from different cities that already accept data crypto-money for payment:

What is Nima (NIMSES), how to earn and withdraw

Basically, this small firms, because big businessmen still fear work with cryptocurrencies. If there are no companies in your city or their services are not interesting for you, go to the forums and look for money changers.

They will buy out any number of Nimes, but proceed with caution, this is prohibited by the rules of service.

Note the cryptocurrency

. This is one of the most promising coins, which can also be mined on the Internet.

It is difficult to predict the future of the NIMSES application, but at the moment the project is actively gaining momentum. Their cryptocurrency is definitely growing in price, the only question is how high.

As long as it is possible to collect coins without doing anything, you need to use it. Suddenly their course after a while will increase a thousand times.

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