What is more profitable to play in the casino?

Experienced gambling players have long ago decided on slots, types of roulette and poker.

They use certain games without participating in others, as they have determined the maximum return. It turns out that not everyone knows that games are moving forward in the casino, with a minimal return, since it is beneficial for the organizers.

How to choose a casino game online? Simple math helps you find the right game.

Before you start calculating the expectation of winning, you also need to find a good gaming service. From my ranking of the best online casinos, you can choose any site, there are only honest gaming projects.

What is more profitable to play in the casino?

What is more profitable to play?

There is an easy way to conduct your own investigation and identify games in which the chances of winning are much higher. For this you need a little money or choose a casino with a demo mode.

So, go to the casino site, immediately cut off all the games that are presented in TOP . As a rule, the most sloppy slots get there. The interest of the organizers is clear, they also want to get the maximum profit.

As for slot machines with a jackpot, there is a double opinion, because you can use minimum bids and try your luck:

What is more profitable to play in the casino?

If you can choose a game developer, then it’s better Prefer Microgaming or NetEnt. After that, you have to spend a lot of time to give your own estimate of the return of the machine.

To do this, it makes sense to use automatic rates:

What is more profitable to play in the casino?

Set a certain time limit for yourself, for example, half an hour. Record the amount on the balance and start the automatic game. After 30 minutes, write down how much you managed to win.

You will have some kind of statistics that can be maintained for several casinos at once:

What is more profitable to play in the casino?

Links to casinos -, Admiral.

This is the table I got; with its help, you can determine which automaton brings more profit and which one takes more than it gives. The table can include not only slots, but also other casino games.

Remember that in the automatic game no tricks are applied, and if you take into account the slots strategy, the yield may change.

You shouldn’t play just for fun , because sooner or later your deposit will burn and you will no longer be able to spin the reels. Simple math in gambling helps to calculate the profitability of any game, on the basis of the collected statistics is not difficult to determine the best option.

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