What is linking and how to do it, internal linking

Beginners webmasters do not always have a sufficient level of knowledge to implement a quality resource, and therefore they do not succeed. In order for your site to become truly popular and have a high level of quality, you must consider every factor that may affect the level of quality of the site.

One of these factors is internal linking. What is a relink and how to do it? Each webmaster in the course of his development was looking for an answer to this question.

Re-linking is the setting of links on the pages of a site, in order to influence some factors. Internal linking is present absolutely on all sites, and the more competently it is performed, the higher the quality of the resource will be assessed.

What is linking and how to do it, internal linking

Why do we need internal linking

First, thanks to the links on the pages of your site, you can transfer weight to your students . Secondly, you can use anchors to promote pages on specific keys.

But the main reason for using internal linking is the influence on behavioral factors. Behavioral factors, this is a set of data on the actions of your visitors and the more activity they show, the better it affects the advancement in search engines.

How do links affect visitor activity? They "force" them to navigate through the pages of the site, and this is exactly what you need. Search engines have long started to take into account behavioral factors and every day they increasingly give them value, so the presence of links to other pages on the site is simply necessary.

What is linking and how to do it, internal linking

How to make competent internal linking

To do this, we present you several points:

  1. For Begin to install a site map on the site, as practice shows, active readers of sites constantly use these pages to gain access to the site content.
  2. When creating the site menu, try to present not only sections, but also subsections, categories and other groups of materials.
  3. At the end of each material, place links to other articles, such as "Related Materials".
  4. In the text of the articles, establish links to other materials. To do this, you can use anchors with words that are similar to the headings of other articles.
  5. Use pictures as anchors, as practice shows, many site visitors click on pictures.

It’s not difficult to make internal linking, but to do it correctly and make it an effective means of website promotion is not easy at all. Anyway, now you know what link is , why it is needed and how to do it, therefore, you have a chance to influence the quality of your resource.

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