What is linkbacking? linklink enhancement

Every webmaster is interested in the development of websites, and a huge amount of methods have been developed for this.

There are plenty of options to raise the position of the site, get visitors to spend more time on the site, and also increase attendance. One of the best ways to increase attendance is to linkback.

Linkbeying is the creation of interesting content in order to get the maximum number of links to the material. The main goal of this method is not to increase the reference mass, but to attract a huge amount of traffic. It is extremely difficult to use this method, but its efficiency is also tangible.

What is linkbacking? linklink enhancement

Effective increase in attendance

In general, we figured out what linkbiting is and you should already have an idea of ​​how use and what should be the results. The links you get for your site do not have to be installed on major blogs, they can be posted on news portals or on social networks.

When news is being compiled, the source is most often indicated, and for social network users, all they need to do is to press a button to share the material with their friends.

Ideas for creating an article for linkbacking:

  • research results, statistics and experimental reports;
  • interesting interviews with famous personalities;
  • presentation of details of any event;
  • disclosure of doubtful topics and statements;
  • refutation of expert opinions;
  • put forward your own theories;
  • start distributing something for free;
  • comment on some important and relevant event;
  • conduct tests, contests and polls.

The organizers of the Profit-partner service (a project is closed) showed an excellent example of link-bayting. In February, they held a campaign, under the terms of which users could get excellent prizes, from $ 10 on purchases, to Iphone 5S.

After placing the announcement of the competition, the information began to actively spread and naturally, the number of registered users in the system increased dramatically.

What is linkbacking? linklink enhancement

Linklink Improvement

What does the effectiveness of this method of generating traffic depend on? Naturally, the number of users who see the material, and for this you need to spend a good advertising campaign. Do not skimp and pay for contextual advertising in the most popular systems to attract as much traffic as possible.

To use linkbanging, you will have to work hard and also invest some money. If this technique works, then you will realize that the effort and money was well spent, because the results will be excellent.

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