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PAMM (in English Percent Allocation Management Module, PAMM - percentage distribution management module) is an account for work on the Forex market, which is under the control of a trusted manager. Actually, this manager and manages his capital, as well as the capital of investors.

In the life of every moneymaker there comes a time when a serious amount is already in the bank account and you want to increase it. But the more serious the amount, the more seriously you begin to treat the choice of the investment object. Exactly at this moment PAMM accounts come to the rescue.

Why should an investor invest money in some other person, and even in such a risky Forex market?

Besides the fact that the Forex market is risky, it is also incredibly profitable. A competent manager can bring a stable positive interest for many months. How do you like the 200 or 300 percent per annum? And it happens even more!

All that used to hold me back from contributions to PAMM accounts is the probability of total loss of funds during a particularly unsuccessful game of the manager. But as practice shows, with the right choice of a trader, this happens quite rarely and due to force majeure circumstances.

For example, recently one well-known manager has 9 positions for a couple of days. Most investors panicked and took their capital. After a time, all positions were closed by the broker automatically, with the result that the manager leaked all the money. As it turned out, the person had an internal hemorrhage and because of this, he physically could not close the position. This manager lost $ 600,000 of his capital. It is not known how after this you can recover.

But a couple of months ago I came across a new type of PAMMs - PAMM 2. 0 , with partially insured risks. Usually 50% of the invested funds are insured.

How does PAMM 2 work? 0?

Quote from the site of a forex broker who invented this PAMM 2. 0.

The manager has the opportunity to set in the offer a level of responsibility that is acceptable to him, for example, 50%. This means that the investor risks only half of the funds that he sends to the PAMM-account of the manager. For example, if an investor places $ 5,000 on a PAMM-account, he can lose no more than $ 2,500 as a result of unsuccessful trading, and he will get the second $ 2,500 back with any trading result. This is guaranteed by the capital of the manager, who will serve as a source of repayment of the investor's losses in the amounts specified in the offer in case of financial losses.

The amount of investment that the manager can make is calculated in such a way that the manager's capital cannot be lower than the amount that may be required in case of the need to fulfill obligations to compensate for the client’s losses.

Investments in PAMM-accounts: how to do it right?

By the method of long reflection and reading available for the mere mortal literature, I came to this scheme.

  • 70-80% of the investment portfolio should be concentrated in the conservative (least risky) PAMM 2. 0 accounts. Moreover, it should not be one account (although again it depends on capital), but 3-5 accounts. This is a kind of risk diversification.
  • And the remaining percentage is in aggressive PAMM 2. 0 (or you can simply PAMM) accounts. They are more profitable, but also more risky.

I talked about this with investors with experience. They assured (and showed a screen of stats 🙂) that since PAMM 2. 0 appeared, they have not had a single unprofitable month! If even one of the managers merges everything, then half of the investment will return. And then the profits of other managers significantly reduce losses, and even bring in the next plus.

In practice, the use of this strategy has allowed me to stay in the pros every month.

Why is it worth investing in PAMM 2. 0, and not just PAMM? There's more profit.

In PAMM 2. 0, the manager is much more responsible for his capital and you are guaranteed that all the money will not burn. In this regard, the risks of a significant loss for you are much less.

Overview of PAMM 2. 0 offers (updated September 2012). My PAMM-portfolio.

Here the situation is simple. As far as I understood, PAMM 2. 0 exists so far only in all of the fx-trend. They created it. Of all the offers, I chose several offers.

  • Galaxy. It has been functioning since the end of March of this year. Brings 5-10% per month. In the cons was never even a weekly review. Moreover, 60% is insured and the manager's remuneration is only 30%! The manager is simply very confident in his abilities. It seems not without reason. By the way, the program deals with all the deals.
  • Valex. Works since November last year. Seriously subsided in October last year and in July.I even got the money out, but now I’ve got it back, since the manager has returned to a rut. Brings 10-30% per month now. Well, half insured, of course. (The score can be considered not profitable in the long term)
  • Veronika. Very serious manager. It does not risk at all, but at the same time the profit is rather low at the level of 10% per month. He also takes 60% of his income, not half, as usual.
  • AndreyAnatolich. Exists since June 2011. A couple of months was in the red. All the others are in the black.
  • Goldi submitted 4 invoices. But then later, 2 accounts seemed to be specifically merged, or maybe he was drunk. In general, while it is definitely not worth investing in it. (Now generally closed all their accounts)
  • Potroshitel. So far, only the best side is showing itself, big profits and stable. But now on vacation 🙂
  • sven PAMM 2. 0 for investments from 10 thousand dollars. Sven is already a legend and you don’t even need to praise him 🙂

Also, when choosing a manager, pay attention to the maximum drawdown. Very useful option.

Well, among the simple PAMM managers, I have just chosen Sven, Zhuk and Veronika again 🙂

At the moment, I want to distribute non-trade risks and will invest in PAMMs from other brokers. Let's see what happens.

PAMM: how much can you earn? The profitability of my PAMM-portfolio.

Here is an example of my income for the second half of 2011.

what is it? PAMM accounts investment strategy. Review of the best deals. + Promotion! - Profit Hunter

Privileges of my referrals and the ACTION!

Any my referral who invested at least $ 100 in PAMM, feel free to write me on the mail 🙂 I will help with the selection of an individual investment scheme that will best suit the needs of the investor.

And now for the promotion. The referral, who earned the largest amount on investing in PAMM accounts for the month, receives $ 100 from me personally.

I suggest everyone to leave their reviews on investing in PAMM-accounts. I think it will be useful to those who have not yet decided.

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