What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

Where do site visitors come from? Traffic can be received from social networks, from forums and purchase links, but search engines remain the main source. In order for users to move from the search engines to your site, the site pages must be indexed, that is, added to the search engines database.

What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

Site Indexing

What is indexing and how to speed it up? Such a question can often be seen on forums for beginning webmasters. Indexing is reading information from sites and adding to search results.

After a resource is created, it is necessary to use Adurl (AddURL) search engines, for example, (Yandex) or (Google). As practice shows, it is enough to add a site to one of the search engines, after which it is added to the issue of others.

To make the indexing of a site in Yandex faster, use the new Original Texts tool. Before adding a new post, inform the search engine about this. For this in Yandex. The webmaster needs to make the transition, as shown in the image:

What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

Insert the full content of the article, this will help not only speed up indexing, but also protect you from content theft.

The search engine will immediately know who the original source is. Google Webmaster also has a useful feature called "View as Googlebot":

What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

With it, you can tell the bot that a new page appears on your site. In the form that appears, you only need to specify the URL address:

What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

The tool was developed not to speed up the indexing, but so that each webmaster could make sure that the bot sees its page and how it happens . You can scan and display the content, in any case, you remind the search engine of your site.

What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

How to speed up indexing?

After you have created the site and added it to adurilka, the speed of indexing can be very slow. One of my sites was indexed once every 2 weeks, which negatively affected some points.

For example, it caused the risk of content theft, and secondly, there was no point in putting up-to-date information, since until it appears in the output, the interest of users will be much lower.

There are several ways to speed up site indexing:

  1. Stable content addition. When filling a young resource, it is very important not to add a huge amount of information to the site, but to do it gradually. If you will be consistently adding every day, at least for one article, indexing will become faster.
  2. Proper site structure. The site is indexed by search robots. Make it so that access to every page of your site can be obtained in three clicks. In other words, you need to make it so that being on the main page, the user can go to any page by clicking on three links.
  3. Set up internal linking. It is very important to establish links between the pages of your site. After adding a new article, go to any page that is already indexed and insert a link to the new material into it.
  4. Sitemap. Be sure to install a site map. If you created a site on a CMS, making the map is easy - just download the necessary plugins. Sitemap is the content of all pages of your resource.
  5. Placement of announcements. There are many resources on which you can post announcements of your articles. Add a small text and install a link into it, then post it on a large site (for example, in social networks) and the search robot quickly reads this information.
  6. What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka

  7. The bots of search engines, before going to the content of the site, analyze the file Robots. It is important to use the correct robots. txt, for some it is completely absent.
  8. You need to understand that the content copied from other sites will not be indexed. Each article should be checked for uniqueness. Even if you wrote it yourself, the uniqueness index may be too low.
  9. Just above, we talked about search engines adurulki. They help speed up the indexing of Yandex and Google. Just add links not to the site, but to specific pages.
  10. WordPress users have another interesting way to speed up indexing. To do this, go to the "Parameters" section and select "Writing". There you need to add 3 links in the update services:
  11. What is indexing and how to speed it up? adding to adurilka
  12. Use social bookmarks so that visitors can share a link to your resource through their page. After adding a new post, share it with your accounts, social networks are quickly checked by search engines.

You can get links to a new page on your site in various ways.No matter which one you use, it will speed up the indexing of the site.

Using the popular Vkontakte network (at the initial stage of the site development), and placing links in the comments there, I was able to significantly speed up the indexing. You can use all the resources on which you can freely place indexed links.

Search bots come to my blog often, new articles in a few minutes become indexed, and all because I constantly add new posts. This is the fastest indexing, which you can achieve by actively doing the filling.

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