What is good social trading? | Workion. ru

At Forex, not all users started trading yet, although everyone knows that the foreign exchange market brings huge profits.

The fact is that you first have to invest money, and if you do not have the necessary knowledge, the deposit will quickly merge . Learning to trade is hard, experienced traders spend years on it.

What is social trading? This is the best opportunity to make money on Forex without learning anything at all.

The bottom line is to copy the deals of successful traders. This opportunity is offered by many brokers. You invest any amount and do nothing, get dividends.

What is good social trading? | Workion. ru

Some analysts are confident that in the near future LAMM investment will replace PAMM accounts.

Money is not transferred under the control of the trader, it is in the user's account. Many are afraid that they will be deceived or the managers intend that money will be leaked. When copying bets everything is different.

A trader is interested in making a profit; he manages his own money. That is why, he is ever attentive and cautious. Whoever joins him to copy deals is not important, both sides still win .

Automatic copying of transactions on Forex is much safer than attempts to conduct a transaction without an adequate level of knowledge.

Why should traders provide the ability to copy? For this they are paid money. Additional profit is not superfluous, and if it does just that, then why not take advantage of it.

Many traders try to make good money on it, but in order for people to start copying their bets, you first need to succeed and prove that you know how to make deals.

The choice of those who want to invest and do nothing is wide, but copying other people's actions can lead to failures. It is necessary to carefully analyze the statistics, make sure that the trader is literate, and the money invested will multiply.

How to copy traders' transactions?

The functionality on broker websites is somewhat different, but overall it is monotonous. Customers are invited to copy the transactions of all traders who have connected such a service.

Usually this is a large list of professionals with various indicators. You need to choose carefully, not everyone can increase money:

What is good social trading? | Workion. ru

The interface is designed in such a way that even a novice can easily figure out how to invest money. This is a serious time saving and one of the best opportunities to scroll through any amount.

As a rule, social trading does not require large start-up capital.

Each trader has their own conditions for copying bets. Investors must offer to choose the scale of copying, it is best to choose 1 to 1. In this case, exactly the same amounts as that of the trader are put. For convenience, the recommended deposit is presented, there are additional settings:

What is good social trading? | Workion. ru

Do not try to choose one trader, because the golden rule of the investor "Do not keep all eggs in one basket" works. It is better to choose several accounts for copying transactions, this significantly reduces the risks. It is important to keep track of statistics, it helps to determine with whom it is better to cooperate.

Social Trading Brokers

Not all brokerage firms offer the functionality to copy transactions. As a rule, these are large and popular companies.

a list of the best brokers for social trading was compiled for our readers:

  1. - this broker has a separate resource for copying transactions. Leaders (traders) and subscribers (investors) are registered there. At the moment, it is available to copy transactions from 1000 traders. Over 100,000 participants are already investing here.
  2. is the largest platform for social trading. More than 4. 5 million traders from all over the world are registered here. The company opened in 2007. There is no commission for copying transactions. A major update is planned so that customers can still invest in stock markets.
  3. - a popular transaction auto-copy service, operating since 2010. The volume of client assets here exceeds 8 billion rubles. Commission for connection to strategies varies from 3% to 6%. After registering on the broker's website, go to your next sequence through your personal account.
  4. is a simple solution in the niche of social trading. Users have access to all the necessary tools, they have already taken advantage of half a million participants. The service also helps those who make money on Forex with their own hands. There is a lot of useful information here.

As is the case with the choice of a trader, it is better to register on several sites and distribute start-up capital. Although companies are stable, you should always remember about extreme cases.

No one can be trusted; life constantly teaches us this. In order not to transfer money under the control of traders, use copying transactions.Social trading reviews actively collects, people like this method of investing.

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