What is doorway? Doorway Uses

Using various tricks, experienced users make good money on the Internet.

If you understand these methods, you can also start to make a profit, but not everyone willingly shares their "gold veins". In this article we will touch on the topic of doorways - sites that bring decent income to their owners.

What is doorway? This is a platform that does not benefit any visitor, but at the same time ensures the flow of traffic to another resource. Simply put, this is a special site through which visitors are directed to the main site. Some create doorways for their sites, and some sell traffic from them.

What is doorway? Doorway Uses

The doorway usage pattern is extremely simple. A specific query is selected (mainly mid-frequency) and a special site is created for it. Achieving high positions in the issue with a whole site, sharpened by a keyword, is much easier than with a well-optimized page.

This is what cunning webmasters use. When the site goes to high positions (due to some advancement), all traffic from it is directed to other sites, using various methods.

Redirects are most often used to redirect visitors, but in some cases overlapping banners or a huge number of links are established. Also now you can observe the site, after the transition to which, so that you do not click, redirect to another resource is performed - this is also doorways.

Earnings on doorways has been used for a long time and quite actively, do you want to try your hand at this?

What is doorway? Doorway Uses

Then you will need:

  • highlight suitable keywords;
  • a lot of text (you can use generators);
  • to create websites (it’s better to use HTML in order to have wide opportunities for it editing);
  • domains and hosting (the main column of expenses when making money on doorways).

Not everyone can earn well on doorways, because for this one has to study SEO optimization in detail. In order to quickly push the created resources to high positions, you will have to do a lot of work, and even without contributions it will be very difficult to do.

Having decided to try to earn money on doorways, we recommend first choosing low-frequency queries. It is easier to make progress on them, and let the results be not so impressive, your expenses will be minimal, and you will get invaluable experience.

And if you want to increase traffic to your site, then read about the website promotion by doorways, but remember that this is prohibited.

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