What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

People who are in search of distant work, quite often come up with suggestions for writing articles. Copywriting - this is the name of the work, in which you will be the author and "seller" of the texts.

What is copywriting? Literally, this term is derived from the foreign word "Copywriting", which translates as writing texts. Today, the activity of copywriters is quite developed and every day more and more people choose this method of earnings.

Do not equate text purchase offers with home work proposals, in which you need to print handwritten texts, etc. In most cases, the work related to processing and creating texts is a scam, especially if you are asked to deposit money.

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

How to become a copywriter?

In order not to run into unfair employers, You can independently organize your earnings and directly sell articles using special services.

Dozens of content exchanges process thousands of materials every day that authors put up for sale. Among these authors you can be and you, all that is required is to register on the stock exchange and write some materials that site owners will buy.

The buyers of your articles are site owners and given that internet projects are created on many different topics, you can implement any materials. From the general list of copywriting exchanges I would like to highlight the project, which is the most popular service.

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

Copywriting has always been relevant, and even before it received the removed form, newspaper publications paid authors for interesting materials.

Today, thanks to the Internet, anyone can engage in copywriting, and at the same time, there is no need to officially get a job and consistently invest their work.

By creating an account on a copywriting exchange, you can add as many articles as you like at any time. Even if you sell 1 article per month, this will already bring you some profit, which, of course, will not be significant due to the minimum amount of invested work.

On the other hand, if you sell 5-10 items a day, this will consistently bring you a profit equal to the average wage. Try copywriting, you may not even have guessed that this kind of income is perfect for you, and you will be able to find a permanent job on the Internet.

How to make money on copywriting?

The first step of a novice copywriter is choosing a topic. It’s not realistic to write texts on a topic in which you don’t understand anything at all. That is why, you need to choose the direction where there is at least some knowledge. It does not matter what it will be, even though computer games, cooking or fashion trends.

Suppose you like the theme of computer games, and you decide to write an article about your favorite project.

To figure out how to get started and what is worth telling, enter the name of the game in the search engine and open the first 5 sites. See what other authors are writing about, highlight for yourself some moments.

Then take the topic of the article in, to see what requests you need to add to the text:

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

From here you get ideas about what to talk about in the article. Next, open a regular Word document and start writing an article. It should be informative, high-quality, error-free and beautifully designed (sub-headings, lists, etc.).

After writing the article, it needs to be checked for uniqueness; the Advego Plagiatus program was created for this:

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

No one needs copied articles, so before selling, every text passes this test. If you try to sell non-unique materials, your account will simply be blocked. When the text is written and verified, it can be added for sale.

On which exchanges this is done, we will tell a little niche, the procedure for adding text is extremely simple:

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

This form is filled in, it indicates the category, type of text , language and title. Think up interesting names, it increases the interest of buyers.

In the "Text of the article" field is entered completely. Do not worry, no one will see it, only a brief text of the article (one sentence) and a description is presented to the buyers. By the way, be sure to fill in the descriptions, with regard to the price, it is better to see how much other authors take for materials from your category.

In the field with keywords, specify the queries taken from the statistics of WordStat:

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

After adding the article, it takes time to check it. Moderators can check the text for several days, do not rush. You have time to write other articles, experiment with topics.

Authors sell articles on a wide variety of topics, to whom, about what is convenient, the one about that says:

What is copywriting and how to sell articles?

Who needs to buy all this? For site owners. The more pages of their resource, the better. They buy texts in batches, and if you decide to seriously engage in such work, try to find loyal customers. Start with low prices, increase your reputation and reviews, then increase prices.

Where to make money on copywriting?

Several large exchanges have been created for buying and selling articles. Some advise beginners to use little-known services, since competition is lower there.

There are fewer authors, but there are not enough buyers, so it’s better to place your work on those exchanges where most potential buyers go:

  1. is an exchange for professionals with strict requirements for the quality of articles. Even minor errors cause the refusal to add text for sale. But there are a lot of orders, there are simple tasks (like inviting friends to a VC group) and the average rates are higher.
  2. - suitable for both beginners and professionals. There are many buyers, and articles are accepted, even if there are some flaws. The buyer will be warned about all errors, higher requirements to uniqueness. In addition to articles, here you can sell photos.
  3. - it can be said that there are no articles at all. Uniqueness is always high, and customers are not warned of mistakes. But do not try to sell "nonsense." The administration is attentive to customer requests, if you receive complaints, the profile will simply be blocked.

Choose a system according to your level, or better yet, register on all sites at once. Distribute articles and promote profiles on several exchanges at once. They are useful for career development, a regular customer can “draw” at any time and then you can sell everything you write.

Tips on making money on copywriting

Not every author achieves success in this niche, many people quit their activities even before it starts to bring tangible profits. Why? Because in fact, it is hard work that requires a professional approach.

So that you have every chance of achieving serious results, here are a few recommendations:

  • invent yourself a suitable login, according to it the authors are met. Read how a nickname influences a copywriting career and make sure that this is an important point;
  • after registering on any exchange, fill in your profile completely, indicate work experience and add the best work in your portfolio;
  • be they are extremely cautious, fraudsters also come across among clients. Find out which customers can throw a copywriter and protect themselves from fraud;
  • deciding to work on orders, send applications in a non-standard form. Easier to knock out an order, paying attention. For example, suggest a structure or suitable keywords;
  • from time to time you will encounter problems at work. Difficult customers with copywriters are a frequent phenomenon, look for the right approach to each customer;
  • it is difficult to unwind at the start until there are no completed orders, ratings and reviews. Agree to any suggestions, first you need to earn a name for yourself;
  • your texts should be not only high-quality and beautifully designed, but also optimized. This will help to understand 10 SEO tips copywriters;
  • when developing a large article, use several sources. Do not copy the text, but take ideas as a basis;
  • you need to work steadily, even if there is no desire. We talked about how a copywriter is inspired to work, use effective methods.

For many Internet users, copywriting has become the main source of income. They do not go to regular work, but sit down at the computer every day and write texts. With experience, you begin to understand what is better to write about and there are customers who supply work steadily.

Many take the writing of articles lightly, this is not correct. Such work can completely replace the main source of income. Of course, you have to sweat, but if it provides a stable profit, then why not make an effort.

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