What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?

Experienced webmasters use a huge number of different tools to facilitate the work on their projects.

New systems are created specifically for this, and if you can use them for free, then why not apply this? . Now you will learn about one interesting foreign service that solves several problems at once.

is a useful tool for webmasters, offering quick transfer of a resource to other DNS servers, providing additional protection and performing other functions.

Despite the fact that the service is foreign, it is also often used in RuNet. If you have a serious website, then such an assistant is a must.

What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?

Why do I need Cloudflare?

You don’t have to pay for using the system, although there is a paid rate ($ 20 per month). We will not focus on this, as the paid features are not much better than the free ones (I see no reason to pay for this).

This tool is used for the following purposes:

  1. Website transfer - useful when DNS is unavailable. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes, but no one wants to lose traffic, and your visitors won't even notice the changes.
  2. Site protection - it's hard to say by which algorithm “unwanted” visitors are eliminated, but most importantly, no one complains about it. Increased security helps to get rid of all sorts of attacks.
  3. Caching a site is one of the main advantages of the system. Your site is completely copied to special servers, after which the users are provided with information from the server closest to them.
  4. Site Statistics - you will receive additional statistics on your resource, which reflects the number of visitors, the amount of compressed traffic using this tool, user requests and much more.

It is better to self-assess all the benefits of the Cloudflare system. You will not have to pay for this, and you will appreciate the results in a few days.

Also, we recommend Witget service to all our readers to improve the site, which comes in handy to increase traffic conversion.

How to connect Cloudflare?

The project is overseas, so beginners may have difficulty connecting this system. In order for you not to have them, we suggest that you read the detailed instructions:

  1. Go to the official website, click Sign Up and go through the usual registration:
  2. What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?
  3. In the next step, you need to add your website, specify its address:
  4. What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?
  5. After adding the resource, you need to wait a little while they scan it. Then you go to the next step where you need to confirm the DNS records:
  6. What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?
  7. Now you need to configure the settings. If you are too lazy to understand this, do everything as shown in this image:
  8. What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?

    You can choose from several types of protection, the best one Medium - filter visitors who have been seen in spam or participated in DDOS attacks on other sites, in some cases they will need to enter a captcha. In addition, the visitor's browser will be scanned for malicious elements.

  9. The final step is to change the NS records. You will receive the necessary NS servers, go to the profile on your hosting and change them:
  10. What is CloudFlare and how to connect it?

It remains to wait until the DNS servers update is completed. It usually takes from 24 to 72 hours, although it may be earlier.

While checking the Cloudflare service, we couldn’t find any negative points. This system really helps to solve several problems at once, and most importantly, everything is free.

The only minus is the absence of the Russian language , although with the instructions from this article you will understand everything.

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