What is better - Vareznik or news portal?

When re-reading materials on earnings sites, it can be noticed that many webmasters advise you to create 2 types of sites, these are version and news portals.

Indeed, this is a great idea for developing a site, but before choosing the appropriate option, you need to carefully evaluate their advantages.

Vareznik or a news portal, both types of sites have pros and cons, they need to be considered first. Immediately I would like to explain what a vareznik is - this is the site on which various files for downloading are placed. It can be not only programs, but also movies, games, videos and more.

What is better - Vareznik or news portal?

News or Download traffic?

The advantages of Vareznik are obvious, you can easily find various files on the Internet that you will offer to download to your to visitors. You can update these resources infrequently, as some programs and games may be relevant for several years.

It is enough just to upload them to a hosting or cloud storage, make a proper description and consistently receive traffic.

Vareznikov also has disadvantages, and first of all they are related to copyright. The fact is that by providing the ability to download other people's programs, movies, games and other files, a complaint can be sent to you and the search engines will quickly add a site for filters.

Most people solve this problem by creating two sites, the first is used to drive traffic, and the second is for downloading files. And the one that is installed for download is placed on a dedicated server in another country, where there is no ban on the distribution of foreign electronic goods.

What is better - Vareznik or news portal?

Is the News Portal Better?

It’s much easier to open a news site, because you can do it on a regular hosting and without special labor costs . You can take any template for a regular blog as a basis and upgrade it a bit. As for the search for information, there are no problems here either, it is enough to select several permanent sources and simply rewrite the news.

Accompanying the news resource, you have to spend a lot of time filling it, because its visitors want to constantly receive relevant information. This will require the involvement of rewriters. If you decide to do this, we advise you to look for rewriters on the Etxt and Advego exchanges.

Revenues from different types of sites can be the same, it all depends on how well you will work on the site, and what methods of monetization to use. In general, both ideas are good, but for their implementation it will be necessary to overcome some barriers, but without effort it will not be possible to open more than one worthy project.

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