What is better, rewriting or transfers? translate or rewrite?

A huge amount of time is spent on filling sites and writing articles, and there are also problems with the lack of ideas for new texts.

When difficulties arise, site owners resort to alternative methods of extracting articles - rewriting or transfer. Both options help to get unique texts, but there is a difference between them.

Which is better, rewriting or transfers? I would just like to say that both types of article creation are optimally suited for content development. On the stock exchanges of articles quite often both types of texts are offered, and which one to choose when buying or for independent work, you decide after reading this article.

What is better, rewriting or transfers? translate or rewrite?

Translate or Rewrite?

As for rewriting, it is much easier to do it than to translate texts. Translator programs do not do a good enough job of their own, so the translated texts require serious processing. In some cases, it is generally difficult to understand what the foreign author was trying to tell.

Writing translations requires certain skills. If you know a foreign language poorly and will use the translator all the time, it will take a lot of time to develop the content, and this reduces productivity.

Based on this, rewriting is better than translations, since you will be doing it much faster, and the more good and most important unique articles, the better.

What is better, rewriting or transfers? translate or rewrite?

What is better to buy?

But in terms of purchase, it is better to prefer translations. The uniqueness of the texts may be the same, but the subject concerned and the very idea of ​​the article may differ significantly.

Search engines have long learned to determine the semantic content of texts, this is the main minus of rewriting. Although the text is unique, the idea of ​​its creation has already been used. Translations in this regard are better, because in a foreign Internet you can find something new for the Runet and thereby attract the attention of a huge audience.

Of course, if you know a foreign language well, you can translate texts, getting not only unique articles, but also fresh ideas, but not everyone can cope with this. In any case, burzhunet is ideal for finding new ideas, because it is easier to translate headlines, and then they can be transferred to a copywriter, who will compose a quality text.

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