What is better bass or treble? Where to move on bass requests?

The opinions of professionals from the same field often do not coincide, but this happens because they look at the same things differently.

Not an exception and SEO optimizers, which can be divided into several groups, given the methods they use to promote websites.

Someone places the main emphasis on the reference mass, someone on social networks, but what unites all optimizers is the use of keywords. For any kind of promotion, it is necessary to allocate requests from search engines in order to attract as much traffic to the sites.

What is better bass or treble? Where to move on bass requests?

Which keywords are better?

Many people argue about which queries are ideal for promotion, in particular, the question of that is better bass or treble. In the opinion of many webmasters, high-frequency requests are much better and you only need to use them to promote websites, but is this really so?

Of course, if your resource reaches high HF positions, this will be a good result, but how much money and effort will you have to spend on it? It may be easier to use low-frequency queries and spend as much money and effort and get the same amount of incoming traffic.

Many people underestimate the low frequencies, and in vain, because using them you can achieve the same results as using high frequencies.

Of course, you will have to pay more attention, because you will advance on a variety of requests, but the competition is much lower and in some cases, to reach leading positions, you will need to add a couple of links from some forums or your profiles .

Where to go on low-frequency queries?

One of the best systems for this is. Thanks to this project, many sites have already reached the TOP, and every day the customer base continues to grow. Depending on several factors, going to the top for your site can cost as little as 5 rubles, you see, this is ridiculous money for the quality work of professionals.

What is better bass or treble? Where to move on bass requests?

Here is the full price list of the Webeffector system, which is engaged in improving any indicators of sites. With this unique project, you can improve PF and site optimization, use rental links, article promotion and more. Of course, all this is not free, but here you will at least be confident in the results obtained.

Website promotion requires a serious approach, and if there is no certain knowledge and not to use special tools, then it is unlikely that you will achieve really tangible results.

We hope that now you understand how useful it is to advance on low-frequency queries and now you can take advantage of this, both with the help of experts from Webeffector, and independently.

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