What is banned on Instagram for?

The mobile social network Instagram is now actively used by millions of users.

A huge number of photos are published there every day, but before you add something, you should read the rules , because the account can be blocked. The rules for using the site clearly spell out everything that is prohibited.

Ban on Instagram, for what? There are several reasons why your page may be blocked. Well, if you get a temporary ban, because some are blocked forever and restore the profile is no longer possible.

In this article we will present the most popular causes of the block in the mobile social. network so that you do not lose your account.

What is banned on Instagram for?

If you received a ban for the first time, it is most likely temporary. As soon as its time expires, you can continue to use the network again.

After several temporary locks, there is an eternal ban on Instagram, at which the profile is deleted. You can try to write in those. support, but it almost does not work, so it is unlikely that something will turn out.

To avoid having to face similar problems, do not break the rules of the social network.

Your page can be blocked for:

  • nude photos;
  • use of the Instagram logo;
  • other people's photos;
  • photos of documents;
  • automated creation of accounts;
  • bad comments;
  • excessive distribution of likes;
  • use of bots and autoposting;
  • for logging into your account from multiple IPs;
  • spam distribution;
  • subscription for 1000 accounts per day.

The Instagram system uses a quality bot to track suspicious actions. Most often, users get a ban for someone else's instagram photos (do not indicate the copyright holder). There are frequent cases when a ban is issued on Instagram for subscribers.

Instagram subscribers are now in demand, but need to be applied carefully.

What is banned on Instagram for?

You can lose access to your page in two accounts, so it’s better to immediately learn the rules of Instagram and not break them.

The rules of this social network state that the administration has the right to deny access to the service to anyone, at any time and for any reason, so you need to be careful and raise suspicions.

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