What is anti-express in BC betting and where to bet?

Online sports betting is not only common entertainment, but also an additional way to make money.

Through the sites of bookmakers you can risk any amount and get several times more. Here are just the risks of losing high, so first it is better to understand all the details.

The organizers of the bookmakers are constantly inventing something interesting. Now they even suggest opening reverse express trains.

What does anti-express mean in BC? The essence of such rates can be figured out if you look closely at their name. Money is put on several events, only the reverse conditions.

What is anti-express in BC betting and where to bet?

What is anti-express in bids?

Explaining in simple language, you also add several events to the coupon, and it turns into an express . You will be offered to open anti-express, where the winnings are paid, if at least one forecast comes true.

The rules are simple, but the odds with such coupons will be low.

For example, we collected the usual express:

What is anti-express in BC betting and where to bet?

Several events were selected, the total factor is 25. 446. This is a really big payout, but and the risks are serious, because if even one of the predictions fails, you will lose money.

Now let's choose anti-express, in which it is enough to guess the result of at least one game:

What is anti-express in BC betting and where to bet?

As you can see, the coefficient has dropped dramatically and this is not surprising. To make a good profit, you need to make huge bets. Also, you can raise the percentage if you add a lot of events to the coupon and select the highest odds:

What is anti-express in BC betting and where to bet?

The probability of an outsider winning is low, so the anti-express rate with such rates will be slightly higher. On the favorites to open such coupons does not make sense.

Where to open anti-express?

Bookmakers with anti-express are not uncommon, but there are not so many of them. Now they open in dozens of pieces every month, but you can only trust proven projects.

Roskomnadzor actively blocks betting sites as they do not meet all requirements and violate the law.

TsUPIS organization created a union of self-regulated bookmakers in order not to deprive fans of the opportunity to make bets. All partners of this organization have made large contributions to provide guarantees of payments, as well as cash transactions in them are carried out through a special service.

Full transparency and constant control make BC activity open and honest.

Of the old and reliable BCs, anti-express offers to open on these sites:

  1. - the most interesting BC from those that are officially allowed in Russia. She likes the betters, since they give 3000 rubles for the first bet for registration. In addition, here in addition to sports, bets are accepted on television programs and other events. Now take bets on Dota 2 and other computer games. You can also put money on the winner of KVN.
  2. - choose any sport and see a huge variety of events. It also happens that the line reaches 1000 matches. In Live mode, there is always something to put money on. A wide variety makes the BC one of the best. The odds are decent, and the margin here is the lowest (3-5 times less than the competition).
  3. - register, get 2000 rubles as a bonus and open the first bet for free. Licensed bookmaker, offering everything you need to enjoy betting. The minimum bet is only 10 rubles, the maximum depends on the selected event, real-time bets are available and games are broadcast.
  4. - the odds in a bookmaker office are high and many different bets are available. Bets are accepted even for those results that are extremely rare. The developers have worked hard to create a mobile application. It is even more convenient to bet through it, wherever you are (there is a version for Android and IOS).

The years of operation of these companies have already proved their honesty, therefore it is safe to use them. In all BC, there are many ways to deposit and withdraw, you can easily receive or transfer funds directly from the card.

If you are an avid fan and do not miss a single important game, read about the earnings on the fan site. This is somewhat difficult earnings in the sports niche, but it opens up serious prospects and brings a substantial income.

Antiexpress, this is an additional tool in the hands of an experienced better. Let the coefficients there are not high, but the maximum probability of winning.

No secrets are needed here, you add as many games to the coupon as possible and put a large amount. Count on frequent but insignificant winnings.

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