What is an echo phrase in advertising, how to come up with it?

Marketing services are in great demand, but only experienced businessmen understand how hard the work of advertisers is.

Without certain knowledge and skills, it is simply impossible to develop high-quality promo and promote the brand effectively. Just a couple of words can significantly change the course of affairs.

What is an echo phrase in an ad? This is the name of an expression or phrase that summarizes the essence of advertising material. This is a postscript that settles in the heads of all who see the advertisement.

Even on television, in advertising, it is used mainly in the form of a slogan or some catchy phrase.

What is an echo phrase in advertising, how to come up with it?

Echo phrase in the advertising text

Armed with experienced marketers there are many tricks. Clutching phrases must be short, as a rule, they are placed at the end of advertising. The calculation is based on the fact that people will remember a short and vivid expression, knowing exactly what the company offers.

Echo phrase in advertising example - Kia Rio - a car in which every detail is thought out and brought to perfection.

Different echo phrase formats are used, most often a trademark, slogan and some catchy expression are added to them. Often, they are also added to some images, since it is even easier to attract attention with pictures:

What is an echo phrase in advertising, how to come up with it?

Large companies and well-known brands constantly invent bright expressions for their promotional materials. They are used everywhere, starting with billboards, ending with videos.

It’s difficult to develop bright phrases, so it makes sense to use marketing services from specialists. Real professionals are constantly engaged in this and know exactly how the catchy title should look.

Advertising, slogan, title, echo phrase

If you have never engaged in advertising, it will be difficult to deal with the echo phrases. Everything should have an explanation and a specific reason for using it. In this case, there are several of them, the echo phrase performs several functions:

  • repeats the main idea of ​​advertising;
  • emphasizes the features of goods and services;
  • conveys the main idea of ​​advertising;
  • talks about the advantages and advantages;
  • gives completeness to advertising content.

Everything connected with the development of advertising requires a professional approach. Advertising copywriting is a complex format of work; not every author is able to compose effective material that will help attract the attention of a large audience.

If you do not want to ask for help when creating an echo phrase, rely on these principles:

  1. It can repeat the heading and develop the main idea of ​​the advertising material.
  2. It highlights the main idea of ​​the advertising message.
  3. It can contain several differences from competitors and advantages at once.
  4. It summarizes the data that needs to be conveyed to potential customers.

Large companies attract experienced professionals, but even they constantly have to change the echo phrase to achieve maximum efficiency. Therefore, do not try to think of it right away, try different options and experiment.

What is an echo phrase in advertising, how to come up with it?

Examples of advertising in Russian with the phrase echo are everywhere. Strain your brain and remember what kind of advertising you saw on TV and what information did it convey to you? The final phrase is used constantly, and it is she who constantly scrolls in her head.

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