What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

It is not necessary to invest in a cryptocurrency to earn money on it. It is quite possible to receive coins without start-up capital. You can even collect well-known altcoins, but too difficult.

It is much easier to participate in the distribution of young coins and count on the prospect of growth from the cost.

Airdrop cryptocurrency - conditions, requirements, security, we decided to tell about all this, because the income from collecting young coins continues to flow.

All that needs to be done is to go through registrations and perform elementary actions on social networks. Every newcomer should try this.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency?

Now there are a lot of new altcoins. Their developers want to promote the project, and for this it is necessary to increase the demand for coins. How to launch them into circulation if no one wants to invest?

Distribute a part of the issue for free. This is what the Airdrop program means. I talked about this in detail in the video:

Every month, we manage to catch several promising ICOs with the distribution of free tokens. Of course, not all of them appear on the stock exchanges over time and are becoming more expensive, but given the time spent on participating in Airdrop, it is worth it.

Airdropy are different, somewhere they are asked to leave a comment on the forum, somewhere to subscribe on social networks. Sometimes coins are scattered between holders of other altcoins. For example, BitcoinCash was once distributed to Bitcoin holders in the same quantity.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

Airdrop and Bounty What's the Difference?

You may have already heard that there is another kind of distribution of free cryptocurrency called Bounty . Such programs also manage to get free tokens, but they have to spend more time there.

You can watch my other video, where I share my own successful participation in the Bounty:

For those who decide to build a free cryptocurrency, I recommend using both Airdrop and Bounty. The latter offer more challenging tasks and higher rewards.

For example, post the project on your wall on Twitter every day or invite participants to the Telegram group every day.

In simple terms, is easier to participate in Airdrop than in Bounty . But with this increases the size of bonuses.

Moreover, some coins obtained through Bounty programs may already be available on stock exchanges. That is, you can immediately exchange them and get real money.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

What do you need to participate in the Airdrop cryptocurrency?

It will take a little time and a desire to get income. Remember that most of the coins received will not be worth anything. We'll have to wait for them to be listed on exchanges, and this may take several months.

However, it makes sense to start collecting them, all the more you need to do this:

  1. Email - get a separate box for registering on cryptocurrency distribution sites . So it will be more convenient to receive alerts from services where collections of new Airdrop are collected.
  1. Ethereum wallet with support for tokens - most of the tokens belong to the ERC 20 standard, i.e. they are created on Ethereum. The best option -. This is the most popular online wallet to which you can get different tokens. Detailed registration instructions:
  1. Accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges - tokens can be added to different sites, so profiles in all best cryptocurrency exchanges will be useful . Plus, you can find the highest rate for exchanging coins.
  1. Forum account BitcoinTalk - the first information about Bitcoin appeared on this resource. Now this forum is the most popular on the topic of cryptocurrency. Here you can follow the new AirdropTokens, and in some tasks you are asked to perform actions through the account of this forum.
  1. Social Network Accounts - most of the tasks for which free tokens are awarded are performed via social. network. Remember, many AirdropICO are conducted by foreign developers, so register on popular sites abroad (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).

There may be additional requirements for pages on social networks. Therefore, first recruit more friends and be sure to fill out the profile. It should look like this is your main account.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

Example of getting Airdrop cryptocurrency

Newbies do not know how Airdrop tokens work, this is the main reason for not participating. Yes, many sites are incomprehensible and there is no Russian language on them, but to understand them is not difficult.

Actions are about the same everywhere, register, fulfill requirements, and get coins. Here is one of the examples:

Tokens can be transferred to your wallet or remain on the site’s internal account. At first they cost nothing, the only chance to get at least something for them is to negotiate with other users.

It is better to wait for their addition to the exchanges and then exchange them for Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. I also recorded a separate video about this:

The interface of the exchanges may differ slightly, but exchanges are carried out in the same way. Here real people buy and sell tokens, only if the coin is liquid, it can be quickly exchanged.

Before you get rid of altcoins, predict the course, because the price can rise, and to earn even more, you need to wait a bit.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

How much can you earn on Airdrop ICO (Token)?

Earnings on Airdrop can bring substantial profit, but not immediately. Now you begin to collect some coins, while they unwind, you will gradually receive other tokens.

Some will be added to the stock exchange and will bring profit, others will also become more popular over time, i.e. this mechanism should be launched.

In this video, I showed my own example of earning money at once through several Airdrop. Total revenue was $ 65. Agree, quite a good profit for what you register and make repost (similar actions).

On my channel in YouTube, I constantly talk about how much you can earn on the distribution of tokens, here's another video:

Another 40 dollars from the next Airdrop. Often, developers offer affiliate programs.

You can get additional tokens for inviting new members. This is a must-use, all the more all referral recruitment methods are allowed. Due to this, it is possible to obtain the maximum profit.

Where and how to find out about the new Airdrop cryptocurrency?

Information about the tokens to be distributed is published everywhere. These can be forums, social networks, blogs, even comments on sites.

Well-known bloggers are constantly publishing collections and ratings of promising ICOs. You need to keep track of this, because some of Airdrop are available for only a few days.

In this video, I told about all the sources with the help of which I myself learn about Airdrop and Bounty. Subscribe to updates and mailings, you need to catch a good time and have time to collect coins, while they are distributed free of charge.

I also recommend the Airdropov aggregators, their developers not only tell about distributions, but also choose the most promising ICO.

What is Airdrop cryptocurrency, how to participate, earn

Security Airdrop cryptocurrency

In conclusion, I will say a few words about security. In the niche cryptocurrency, fraudsters and hackers are now active.

Some of them even specially launch their coins so that when registering participants, collect confidential data about them and then use them to hack accounts.

Do not, under any circumstances, transfer private keys to wallets or invest money. To get a cryptocurrency, no personal data is required, as well as attachments.

Registration, as well as tasks performed may differ slightly. In normal Airdrop, they only ask you to enter your mail and come up with a password.

Privacy cryptocurrency does not require more, so you need to be careful with sites where there is some kind of verification, especially with confirmation of passport data.

I have been collecting free tokens via Airdrop for more than a month and have already understood how profitable this is. Therefore, now I recommend everyone to spend their time on it. It is not necessary to study or invest for a long time, so you should try.

What if you get a coin today, which in a few months will cost at least $ 100. After all, it’s enough to do one repost or just subscribe to a group on social networks.

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