What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

Large and well-known services always have a unique functionality that distinguishes them from the competition. Not so long ago, the Wex cryptocurrency exchange was launched, which quickly gained great popularity.

In particular, many requests for this project are related to codes, nothing like this on other similar sites yet.

How to buy, pay, withdraw, exchange, get Wex code? Someone calls it the internal currency of the project, someone treats them as contracts.

In any case, these codes have high liquidity and they have already started changing exchange offices. The tool is convenient, it comes in handy for withdrawing funds, but first things first.

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

What are Wex codes (code)?

In essence, this is a kind of asset ownership contract . You can create a Wex code for an arbitrary amount, and this was done for P2P exchange of funds between users. However, exchange codes have long gone beyond its limits.

They are used for depositing and withdrawing funds, because in this case no commission is charged and the operation is carried out instantly.

In the withdrawal section, there is an option WexCode . You can create a new code with your own funds, and then exchange it for Fiat through exchangers or negotiate with other users.

Minimum amount 0. 01 in any currency (dollars, rubles, etc.). You can add codes with cryptocurrency, for some the minimum salary is 0. 1.

Codes are used not only by the clients of the exchange, but also by various exchange services. They connect via API and buy or sell Wexcode. Besides the fact that it removes a commission for withdrawal, it is possible to bypass the limits on the maximum amount of payments through codes.

Basic ways to buy, sell, exchange Wex code

Codes with codes are conducted on the exchange itself, where they are created and activated. There are a lot of advantages, but in order to feel them, you have to use third-party services or negotiate with money changers directly. There are 3 main ways to conduct an exchange operation with Wex code:

  1. Exchangers is the fastest and easiest method, only you may not like the commission. Below we describe how to find the most profitable course and show, using the example of the Wexcode exchange.
  2. - this payment system is the official partner of the exchange. Through it they buy, change and sell codes Wex. The payment supports many withdrawal directions, including bank cards and e-wallets.
  3. Private owners - a tool was introduced specifically for internal exchanges between users. You can easily transfer the code to another exchange member. Decide for yourself on what conditions to carry out the transaction.

Newbies often wonder what the Wex code looks like and ask for an example. If it is created with dollars, the format is as follows:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

The support section of the exchange website contains a detailed description of the basic actions with codes and explains why they were created at all. Some time ago they planned to add tokens to them, but for various reasons they abandoned the idea.

How to create a Wex code?

New codes are formed simply, you need to go to the Finance section and select an output item in front of one of the accounts:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

In the form that appears next to "Withdraw to Wallet" you need to select WexCode, and then enter the amount and specify the user name (you can put your own):

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

Next confirmation of the creation of the code is performed and an email is sent with a link to activate it. Going through it you will see the code. It must be saved or sent to someone so that you can use the funds.

Wex code exchangers - for QIWI, Yandex. Money, Sberbank

You can change exchange codes through exchange offices, this is the easiest way. How much does a Wexcode cost?

The cost can be very different, so it's best to use monitoring. It will help not only to find a proven exchanger, but also a favorable rate. Just go to the site and specify the direction, you do not need to register:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

The difference in the course becomes more pronounced when a large amount is transferred. From the list it is better to choose sites from the first lines (the main thing is to make sure that there is enough money in reserve).

Going to the exchange office, you may again need to choose the direction of the exchange and fill out a small form:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

We have chosen to transfer to a bank card, therefore ask to provide details of its holder . For example, if you exchange the Wex code for QIWI, the full name will not be required. Then they are asked to indicate activation codes (one or several):

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

It remains to click the "I paid" button, confirming the transfer. Depending on the conditions of the exchanger, the money comes at different times. With the withdrawal on the card, I had to wait a couple of days, the translation came in a couple of hours at Kiwi.

Exchange Wex code via Advcash

This payment system supports codes. It offers to buy them with a commission of almost 3% and sell with a zero commission.You can replenish the Wex e-wallet with codes, and then withdraw the currency in various directions. First go to the account replenishment:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

Here you need to enter the amount, the same for which you have a code. Next, in the suggested replenishment methods, you need to find the WEX and click Replenish opposite it:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

Next, a form with one field appears. You need to add a code to it, here is an example of Wexcode:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

The funds will be instantly credited to your wallet. From there you can transfer them to your card, other e-wallets, get cash, change through exchangers. The methods are presented in the "Transfer of Funds" section:

What is a Wex code (code), where to buy or sell

Unfortunately, this payment service has recently ceased to support its own cards. Previously, it was even more convenient, it was possible to spend money from the card without any conclusions, the balance was integrated with the electronic wallet.

Buying and selling Wex codes from speculators

The last way to conduct transactions with codes is less secure.

It may be that you find an honest money changer, but you still have to take risks (unless he agrees to send the money to you first, which is unlikely to happen). And if you use the services of the guarantors, you will again have to give a commission.

If this is the best option for you, go to the popular cryptocurrency forums and search / create topics. It will be perfect if you find a person from your city and arrange a personal meeting. This is the only way to minimize risks.

You can make good money on exchanges, the main thing is to know when and where to convert the currency. Read about cryptocurrency arbitrage, this is the fastest way to get income.

It is also easy to purchase a Wex code for Qiwi, from the Sberbank card or in any other way.

Look for exchangers with a reverse direction, and then activate them in your account to replenish your internal account on the exchange. If you buy a code at a favorable rate, you will save a lot on making a deposit.

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