What is a unique trading position? business uniqueness

In the field of business there are many complex concepts, without understanding which many newcomers are trying to become entrepreneurs. Some do not even know what a unique trading position is, and this is a very important moment for the development of their business.

A unique trading position (USP) is exactly what sets you apart from your competitors. The uniqueness of your offer, service, goods, and so on, all this relates to the USP. If it is even simpler to say, UTP is the reason why your customers turn to you, not to your competitors.

What is a unique trading position? business uniqueness

Does your business differ in anything?

Today, the uniqueness of the offer in business is one of the most important moments. Why? Because companies are created with great speed, amid rapidly filling markets, we have to look for options for developing individual characteristics.

If you do not support the uniqueness of the business, it is unlikely that you will be able to fight competition, and this affects profit and business development.

When striving for successful business development, entrepreneurs face the choice of various paths. Someone strives to become the best and is trying to take into account absolutely all the little things and the wishes of customers, and someone seeks to become unique and inimitable. Which of these ways to choose is up to you, but as practice shows, it is better to strive for originality.

After you come up with a unique trading position, you will need to incorporate it into all offers and processes within your business. Many are faced with the difficulties of implementing a USP, but you will regret the wasted forces to overcome them.

How do companies operate that do not use UTP?

They have to use alternatives, such as a banal cost reduction or the provision of additional services.
When developing a unique trading position, it is very important to make it simple and at the same time exclusive and unusual.

Your customers must clearly understand how you are different from competitors, which is why it is necessary to "not be smart". Considering the various options, do not rush to make a choice, because after the launch of the USP, it will be very difficult to change it. The best way to get enough ideas is to start exploring the needs of , the interests and concerns of your customers.

What is a unique trading position? business uniqueness

The material about the UTP would not be complete without providing examples. Consider several options that are based on common problems:

Clients of car-care centers quite often do not trust the craftsmen, who, in their opinion, can change parts, do work not qualitatively or even change parts that do not require replacement. Provide your customers with a sofa next to the car being repaired, and also install the sign "If nothing is broken, we will not change."

The second example will be related to the field of dentistry, where a common problem is painful treatment. An excellent UTP option for the "dentists" clinic is the offer of the most painless dental treatment procedures.

Try to think of something for your business, in this case creative thinking is welcome, because some companies managed to develop a unique trading position by offering customers a cup of coffee to have a pleasant conversation or offering open schemes for performing complex processes ( real estate sales, car repairs, site development).

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